Intro the the Consolidated Nuclear War Survival Skills Section in my

 Survival Primer Files.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

This is a snowy February night in North Carolina.  Tonight I called up the separate chapters of Nuclear War Survival Skills, from the main large PDF file of the whole book, and finished separating them from the large PDF file, of over 40 megabytes.

As far as I know, these chapters, presented like this, are no where else on the web.  As the Original Copy of Nuclear War Survival Skills, from Oak Ridge National Laboratory, lacks a couple of chapters and appendices that the 2004 copy has, I have lifted them from the web site.


Now, this is what the final form of this section will be. 

As, the PDF files have better illustrations, and the original typeset, they are presented.

The above web site is mirrored here, giving you larger print copies, with poor pictures, just like the source web site.

There is are some additional picture files on this site, from NWSS, which I have improved.


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Ordering the book might be easier and cheaper.  I have two of them, myself.  I will be offering them on my site, later.

As this has gone, and the following morning has come, things have turned out surprising.  We literally have a foot of snow, and I am by myself in my little "cabin."  Working on this project makes me feel like I am working on many other people's behalf.  It is nice to have company.