Newer files for Deer Processing  

"DL" Tips  Met a man in early 2005 who "lived off the land", without power or running water, with his family, in remote Misery Bay, Michigan, until he was eighteen.  Hunting, homesteading, knife sharpening, tips.  More will be added over time.  Original to this web site.  (" DL" is a "made up" set of initials, having no bearing on any real person's name or initials.)  Paul.


December 2004

After going to get a drug test in  a Prime Care office, at the very end of the year, came upon some magazines, that showed more about deer processing than I had seen.  Web search, that evening, led to these files.




Processing: Fish, Frogs, Turtle, Deer, Squirrel, Good Survival Field Processing File



48 Page Book, good one, 2001, Michigan Venison, How to Field Dress, Butcher, Prepare, Cook, and Preserve


Brains, Bones & Hotsprings.htm

Native American Deerskin Dressing at the Time of Contact

Whole lot of files worth reading.  I have picked every one.  Paul.

7 Steps to Proper Field Dressing.htm

Big_Game_From_Hunt_to_Home.pdf  46 pages

Cleaning Your Deer.htm

Field Dressing a Deer 30Dec04.htm

fielddressdeer_bro.pdf  3pages short deer field dress

On Your Own Deer Processing.htm

On Your Own Deer Processing_pics_enlarged.htm

Perfect Venison With Perfect Ease.htm

Skin A Deer_From_That_Aint_Normal.htm  Check this one out!



Where To Hit Big Game_text_small_Pics.htm

Where To Hit Big Game_Pics_Only.htm



A Field Dressing Guide for Elk and Deer.htm

Arizona Wildlife.htm

Deer Processing for the Sportsman Dec 2004.htm

Deer Processing for the Sportsman Dec 2004.pdf



Field Dressing a Deer.htm

Field Dressing Your Deer_Dec 04.htm


Field-Dressing and Skinning Big Game_MotherEarth.htm


Food Safety While Hiking, Camping, and Boating.htm

Freezing Wild Game  _Dec 2004.pdf

From Field To Table…Enjoy The Total Hunt Experience!.htm

Hobby Tanning Deer Hides and Small Fur Skins.pdf

How to Field Dress a Deer BubbaDec2004.htm

How To Improve Your Venison Cooking.htm


Processing Deer, G76-279-A.htm

Skinning and Cleaning a Deer Dec 2004 main 00.htm

Skinning_Cleaning_Deer_Dec_2004 Blowup.htm

Small Game Cooking Care.pdf

The Facts About CWD.htm

Venison Recipes Dec 2004.htm

Venison Recipes Ohio's favorite venison recipes.htm


Whitetailed Deer #2.htm

Whitetailed Deer #3.htm



Processing all kinds of wild Food


Food Preservation FAQ

Rec_Food_Preserving FAQ (v_7_08) Part1.htm

Rec_Food_Preserving FAQ (v_7_08) Part2.htm

Rec_Food_Preserving FAQ (v7_08) Part3.htm

Rec_Food_Preserving FAQ (v 7_08) Part4.htm

Rec_Food_Preserving FAQ (v_7_08) Part5.htm

Rec_Food_Preserving FAQ (v_7_03) Part6.htm