Powerful Prayers   that Have Changed my Life. 


20050624. A powerful day.  Dwight, this is my transcripted version of the audio file you prayed for me today, melded with the written version you sent out, and placed mostly in the first person. The line below, “In their place, Holy Spirit, come into my conscience and absolutely take over,” May be a little strong to some. As you pointed out, my imagination and memory are already taken over by Satan, without authority. To my mind, what I am praying is that Jesus take the ground back. Paul.




I ask all these things in the name and the power, and by the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus, come into my human spirit and drive out the Antichrist spirit along with his helpers, false power and authority, pride and condemnation, and deception and delusion. Get rid of everyone of those, and replace them with Yourself. Come in and take over my human spirit, be Lord and Master over it.

Jesus, come into my conscience and drive out all familiar spirits that are constantly talking to me, and telling me how I should live life, and how life should be, based on my memories and my imagination.


Drive them out. In their place, Holy Spirit, come into my conscience and absolutely take over.

  Jesus, come into my imagination and drive out all of the false images out of my past, that come from my covenant curses, and through my ancestry. ( all the way back to Adam and Eve. )

Drive out all the principalities from my heavenly place that manipulate and control these curses. Holy Spirit come into my conscience and imagination and fill it and flood it with the covenant blessings of the Kingdom of God.

Jesus, come into my emotions and drive out the emotional spirit of death and replace it with the emotional spirit of life. Come into my body and drive out the physical spirit of death and replace it with the physical spirit of life

Jesus, bring the Holy Spirit with You, and come into my memory, from the time I was conceived in my mother’s womb, until now.


All the lies, that You do not love me, and You do not care for me, that nobody cares for me and nobody loves me, are being removed from my memory right now.

The lies that if I don’t do it myself, I am never going to get anywhere, (unless I perform it, and do it myself,) are being removed out of my memory right now.

Holy Spirit, flood my memories with the true images of the Love of God, and how much God absolutely loves me, and how much I am loved by the Father, and by Jesus and by the Holy Spirit. Jesus, bring the Holy Spirit into my mind, my emotions, my will, and into my personality. Fill my memory with Love and not fear.

Father, train, discipline, and teach me how to live in the New Person that You created me to be. Jesus, drive out the Old Man. Drive out the “little boy,” the “servant spirit,” the “male dominating spirit,” and the “female dominating spirit.” Get rid of every one of them. Replace them with the true person that you created me to be.

Jesus, cleanse my mind, my emotion, and my will. Father, reason with me, and talk with me, and show me what it really means to live in the new person, in You, all the time, .

I praise you and thank you Jesus and the Holy Spirit for doing this for me. I give you the all the Glory, and all the Honor and the Praise, that you are doing it Lord, right now, in Jesus Name.




Excerpted from a tape Dwight made.  The mp3 version, above, comes up on the net.  Similar to the one on this page, with a whole lot of power from the Holy Spirit.  Listen to the mp3 file of the above prayer, and this one, as well.


  version slightly different.





Both sides of a tape that Dwight made, some time ago,  I highly recommend.  Each one runs about sixteen minutes.




This wav file, at some 28 megs, is only on the disk copy of this web site.








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