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 Vision, "A Call to Arms" Prophecies.  Chicago Prophecies from the late 1970s

Colorized Hand- Map Page.

(Have updated this page to the newest version of the hand map, with colors and place names.)

Fighting zones are dark lines and stand-off section in center of the country. Fighting Zones [bold lines with arrows] Generally speaking, everything within fifty [50] miles of these lines will probably be destroyed by advancing enemy forces. These areas will be combat zones, and battle routes, thereby the sites of many pitched battles. Unless the Lord distinctly leads you to stay in one of these zones, plan to move to safety, after the Chicago earthquake. LAST U.S. Stronghold [lines slanting from North points to South West] Here the U.S. Army surrounded by Russian, Chinese and Japanese and other nations armed forces will fight to the finish. Hutchison, Kansas salt mine is likely to be the headquarters for our government and President during the war after the fall of Washington, D.C. 



4 July 2006 The War Itself  Text talks mainly about the war, itself.  Improved again the colorized map.    Map improved beyond the ones below, color to the arrows and place names.   PDF copy of this web-page



Colorized Hand Map Booklet  Multiple Pages, multiple prints, about 5 megs, easier to download with today's faster connections.








Russian Invasion Hand Map COLORIZED .jpg 182k.  Single picture as above.  Print to a page, or right click and save to your computer, save to a floppy or CD and take it to a Digital Picture place, and print it to 4 by 6.  Works well.  Picture stands as on its own for basic info.  Have not tried 8 by 10, but hardly a hand map.


2x Russ Inv Hand Map COLORIZED .jpg 360k

 Same as above, but already smaller, for carrying.

 Half page if on a printer.

 Might print two small pictures if on a 4 by 6

         format photo. Have not tried it.


File size is larger because the same resolution was used as in the first picture.  It was made from the clearest scan I have.









Added because the copies on the next page may be too small.  My printer does not work, so I can not print.















8x Russ Inv Hand Map COLORIZED .jpg 1.46 MB.  A multiplication of the file above, with the same resolution.


   Idea here was to print to one page, in a color printer.  If in black-and-white, set up to be still readable.












  Hand Map Text Page 18k.  prints the accompanying text to one page.








Why all this? Well, why not?  None of this may never be needed.  Events of the last few years have sort of lined up more and more of what was generally said in the Vision, "A Call to Arms" Prophecies. 


If they are not needed, I don't mind you laughing at me.  I won't care.  What I do care is that they may be needed, and I am about the only one still recording what was said.  Why?


"Jesus, why are you telling me all this?" Chuck asked.

"That my children should prepare their hearts for these things and believe on me, for I am able to supply all your needs in every adversity. That you walk in faith and not fear. That you stand upon my promises and see them. That you abide in my love and know that I am the Lord thy God."