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Expanding the Non-Fighting Zones.  The Safety Zones.

No particular claims are made, and all drawings are approximate.

Short Form For the Chicago Prophecies  just what it says.

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I have been in many areas of this country that might one day be Green areas, or areas of Safety.  Most of the mountainous chains of this country will be hard to occupy.  People can live an move freely through most of them.  I live near the Appalachian Mountains, and I feel sure there will be American people there for years, if this country should be invaded. Look for me there, if things should get bad.

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Safety Areas see map above, [horizontal lines] numbered 1,2,3,4, and 5. These are the ‘general areas’ that God the Father circled with His finger during the vision on the Mount of the Most High. It continues to mean to us that God the Father will provide food and lodging here for many Americans during the war. These are not to be confused with, ‘Green Pastures’ which are smaller areas of safety [some just a few acres in size] scattered across the nation. Many will be led by diving inspiration or angels to these places when the need is most apparent.


With the arrival of occupation, we will be living in what can be described as a news blackout, as there will no longer be television, radio, newspapers, or magazines. Christian communities in ‘green patches’ and this underground church will be the only source of real news [outside of occupation news reporting]. Christians will find themselves relying heavily upon the word of prophecy, upon the Holy Spirit of Jesus to know what to do. For instance, some people may want to return to homes left behind—they should seek the Lord in prayer and fasting. The countryside in all of the Americas will be radioactive wasteland in many places. It will remain that way for years. We will need to rely heavily on the word of prophecy in the Body of Christ at this time—. The Lord will speak to us, giving us explicit directions when asked. Submit humbly, to right authority in the occupation forces and in your churches.













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