the "A Call to Arms" prophecies, also called the "Chicago Prophesies," or the "Youngbrandt Prophecies,"

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Back in the 70's, while in a prayer meeting, soon after I left the Army, Bill, the leader, said that he had heard some tapes like "what you are always talking about, Paul." 

Years prior I had had a vision, before I knew what a vision was, of walking through a devastated United States.

Bill further stated that the guys on the tape had prophesied an economic agreement between China and Japan, that had just come true.  They further said that the supposed economic pact was actually a mutual defense pack.

I am not going to give you many further details, on this page, of the prophecies

Some have been moved to laughter, by these matters.   That being as it may, I have continued to pull the prophecies out, from time to time, over the years.

As stated, the originals, are posted on my web page, Vision, A Call to Arms.



Chuck Youngbrandt and Cliff Collins, from Chicago, had put out cassette tapes of what the Lord had showed them.  The were led to call them the "A Call to Arms" tapes.

The form of the posted written prophesies follow closely the "A Call to Arms" tapes.  If anyone has an audible copy of them, please let me know.

There were few computers back then, and no internet.  Tapes were often copied from person-to-person, by placing them side-by-side, in a room.  Did not work well, after several copies. Fidelity went out the window of the room they tape-copied in.

 Early Material.

Some of the written passages from the prophecies are there because they were originally tapes.  Describing the Fighting Zones is one example.  On  another page page, I will attempt to expand the description.

The Hand Map was just that, a black-and-white map.  I used to have one, but let others peoples disdain effect my judgment.  On the previous page, I posted a scan I did find the last time I asked people for info from those days.  It was colorized and fixed up, by myself, over time.

To Chicagoland

After leaving the Army, US Berlin Brigade, I became a Civilian Dept. Of Defense employee, doing the same job, for a while.  Not really for me, I left the Government after less than a year.

While there, I continued the investigation of the A Call to Arms tapes that had begun, in the months after leaving the Army.  At Fort Meade, I began to tell people about the Prophecies, and found many of the same mind, who had never heard them.

One of the Various-Security-Services-members I knew back then told me that they could not "confirm or deny" any of what I talked about, but that "I was closer to the truth than I knew."

That statement sort of scared me.  I was new to this Prophesy business, and to "hearing the voice of the LORD."


The New Feast

One of the things that happened during those years was that they called a meeting, called the "New Feast," in Chicago.  It was called to network, and try to get ready.  The Prophets had set the first of many dates, July 5th, 1977 as the date for the Chicago Earthquake.  That date, and many others they set, came and went to no event.  I still believe the prophesies to be true, as first given.

The truth of that will, or will not show itself, in time.  For now humor me, you may never need any of these papers I have posted.  You can also laugh at me, I won't mind.  Rather that they never be needed, than needed, and not posted. 

To continue..

I "felt led," as some put it, to take some time off to attend the New Feast.  Having heard about it from an audio tape, I lacked details as to how to get there.  As I remember, it was in Des Planes, Illinois. They did give an address to write to.

What I did, on what turned out to be God's leading, was to get everything ready for the trip to Chicago, in my little Blue Volkswagen Bug.  Figuring how long it would take from Maryland, to Chicago, I got everything ready.  When all was done, the Lord said.

"Now lay down, the mail will come at 2 PM with the directions, and you can go."

  Laying down on the floor, to sleep, as I did in those days, I was awakened to the sound of a letter hitting the floor.

The letter was a packet with tickets and directions to the New Feast.  Enough about that, now.  I did meet both Chuck Youngbrandt and Cliff Collins, the two being a pair of prophets, at that time. They did make tapes of that meeting, which I no longer have.  If anyone out there does, contact



Chuck and Cliff had made a road trip from Chicago to Washington to try to talk to President Carter, in those years.  They had hiked, carrying back-packs, but could accept rides, and places to stay, along the way.

At least one person around here is adamant that I hiked out of Maryland to North Carolina, with my backpack.  That never happened.  The person, even when I tell them I did not, still tells others I did.  Go figure. I guess that is how legends get started.

Another asked me point blank, if my first name, last name, or middle name, was Jeffrey.  They were asking me if I was the "Leader of the Land,"  anointed by the above two prophets on their travels.  Nope, not me, wrong again.


Well, that gets me to Chicago in the seventies, enough for now.



Will continue with this...

Best scan of the hand map that I have.


Colorized by Paul in July, 2006.

        Two other forms of the web page, mentioned, Vision, A Call to Arms.

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In order to keep the page no larger than it is. This page was born.  Works-in-progress, comments, and such, will be posted here. 

Anyone who wishes to comment or add to this discussion, can write me.


July 5th One summer day, at twelve o’clock noon, the Midwest will be devastated by one of the most destructive earthquakes in recorded history. After the earthquake and subsequent flooding by the Great Lakes, there will be left intact, whole Christian communities much like islands in a sea of destruction. Survivors will stumble in shock into these areas.

Christians are to receive the injured, tend to their wounds, feed the hungry. In the Midwest, after the earthquake, most survivors will be children. The earthquake destroys Chicago, Illinois and Midwest [most destructive earthquake in recorded history. For those outside of the Midwest earthquake zone, news of this earthquake will be warning enough.

Now, within thirty-seven days, Russia, China and Japan will attack this nation. Anyone living within an area where there is a major airbase, naval base or missile installation located should consider leaving. The Lord will warn, mostly with angels, and yet those who have a personal relationship with Jesus will get a word from Jesus directly, as He wills.

We can not and will not win this war. God’s hand is against this nation. We will be overcome as a nation, we will be humbled in defeat and occupied. Many who will take their lives in these times. Chicago Prophecies.



Posting Map Discussion and Fighting Zones Text in this next section.

Map by Chuck Youongbrandt

Safety Areas see map above, [horizontal lines] numbered 1,2,3,4, and 5. These are the ‘general areas’ that God the Father circled with His finger during the vision on the Mount of the Most High. It continues to mean to us that God the Father will provide food and lodging here for many Americans during the war. These are not to be confused with, ‘Green Pastures’ which are smaller areas of safety [some just a few acres in size] scattered across the nation. Many will be led by diving inspiration or angels to these places when the need is most apparent.

Earthquake Zone — lines slanting from North points to South East] Every city and town within this area can be expected to be destroyed or heavily damaged by the earthquake.

Underwater — [criss-crossing lines] Florida’s southern half will be under water. Also some parts of southern Alabama and Louisiana will be under water. The exact areas are not known, but they are quite likely to be low lying areas close to sea level.

Fighting Zones — [bold lines with arrows] Generally speaking, everything within fifty [50] miles of these lines will probably be destroyed by advancing enemy forces. These areas will be combat zones, and battle routes, thereby the sites of many pitched battles. Unless the Lord distinctly leads you to stay in one of these zones, plan to move to safety, after the Chicago earthquake.

LAST U.S. Stronghold [lines slanting from North points to South West] Here the U.S. Army surrounded by Russian, Chinese and Japanese and other nations armed forces will fight to the finish. Hutchison, Kansas salt mine is likely to be the headquarters for our government and President during the war after the fall of Washington, D.C.

Jesus had said that the Russian armed forces would invade the East coast, at two points North of New York City and three points South of New York City — and has since shown us that the main Russian invasion will take place at Slaughter Beach in the Bay of Delaware by 132,427 troops. A diversionary invasion force of some strength would land on the coast of Virginia. The other points [with question marks] are unknown to us and we strongly suspect that they are designed to seize airfields, as the Russians will make use of airpower to bring in troops and equipment in the early phase of the invasion and to support their drive inland.

The Chinese-Japanese invasions are widely dispersed, and due to Gods intervention, their San Francisco beachhead will be wiped out. Yet later, they will re-take the city by land route from Los Angeles. You will note that Chinese troops will land in Mexico and cross the U.S. border towards San Diego.

You may draw a line in the Rocky Mountains, and in the Appalachian Mountain range [about half way between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania] to indicate the general line the U.S. Army will hold against the invaders in the winter of the year of the war…

While China and Japan will give us serious trouble — it will be Russia, who will be the strongest enemy we face in the war and the only one capable of bringing the United States down militarily.

While God is against us as a nation and a people, there is no hope of winning this war. The only hope the nation has rests in repentance, a change of heart, and turning to Jesus Christ wholly. [pages 375-377]


Advice If you see U.S. armed forces appear to be entrenching themselves in or near your town or city, pack up and leave. If possible, avoid remaining in battle zones. For civilians again, the war will have two forms. (1) the fighting zones and (2) the by-passed zones. Fighting zones can be described as the general line along which invading armies will advance, and the general line along which the U.S. armed forces will resist them. Since fighting will no doubt be in tense, most surface structures [homes, factories, etc.] will be either heavily damaged for totally destroyed anywhere with in fifty miles of a fighting zone. By-passed zones are just that, areas beyond the fifty mile zone where there is likely to be little or no fighting. It can be expected that invading army units will arrive even in by-passed areas, both during and after the war.

Civilians, do not resist the invaders. Head for your basements, remain in a corner of the basement until the troops go by. If there is house-to-house fighting, remain in your basement; and it or when you hear troops enter your home, — begin to sing a good loud hymn, and don’t move.


These are the fighting zones: Russians forces will split into two main army fronts past Wilmington, Delaware. The main force will move from Philadelphia west to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and from Pittsburgh to Cleveland, Ohio, and from Cleveland generally west… The second force will move west from Pittsburgh to Columbus, Ohio, then to Indianapolis, Indiana, and then to St. Louis, Missouri.

The Soviet forces moving south will advance from Philadelphia to Baltimore, Maryland; to Washington, D.C.; to Richmond, Virginia; to Raleigh, North Carolina; to Columbia, South Carolina; to Knoxville, Tennessee, and to Nashville, Tennessee. The second force will move from Greenville to Atlanta, Georgia and to Montgomery, Alabama.

On the West coast, Chinese forces will advance from the beaches of the State of Washington to Olympia, Washington, moving due south to Portland, Oregon, and from there to Pendleton, Oregon and to Boise, Idaho. The Chinese – Japanese forces landing on the Baja California, Mexico, area will move over the border to Los Angeles, California, and from there east to Phoenix, Arizona, to Tucson, Arizona; to Las Cruces, New Mexico, to El Paso, Texas. The Chinese will send another force from Los Angeles up the cast to San Francisco, and advance from there to Reno, Nevada; to Winnemucca, Nevada — to Salt Lake City, Utah; to Rock Springs, Wyoming to Cheyenne, Wyoming, to North Platte, Nebraska, to Grand Island, Nebraska. These are the main fighting zones. By checking a Road Atlas, you can quickly see the main highways they will follow, and whether or not your dwellings are in a fighting zone or a by-passed zone. Although there will be others, these are the major lines along which most of the battles will take place. No nuclear weapons will fall in the areas devastated by the earthquake.

There are several pictures that apply to the above texts posted on  the  A Call to Arms  web page.