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Given in the 1970s, I updated my copies of these prophecies a couple of years ago, and have added to them, since.  Presented largely without comment, on the previous page.


Paul's Comments


The prophecies on the previous page where handed around, person-to-person, on cassette tapes, years ago. I heard the original "A Call to Arms" tapes, back in the 1970s. 


In Chicago, I met both prophets.   I believe the heart of the prophecies, in their first form, to be true.  (Assigning of dates always got them in trouble, in my mind.) 


The Chicago Prophecies are largely ignored, and forgotten, today. That being as it may, they have kept coming up in my mind, from time to time, for the past thirty years.


Sometimes current events just "sound like" what the prophets spoke of.  I just can't shake these documents.  There is something a little too important and detailed in what they talk about.


Faithfully, I have reproduced the base, first files of the prophecies, and have worked a lot with the Hand Map, the Russian Invasion Map of the USA.


People have laughed out loud, and in my face, when I talk about hand map  (below).  Their laughter does not effect me.


Read the prophecies, you will be surprised.


When I first heard them, I was a little taken-aback about how much they talked about Jesus.  I have become very pleased about that, over the years.   People have forgotten how the two prophets started, and what they first said. 


Read them, and maybe print them out.  If you don't need them before, you can use them to start your fires, in the "last days."


comment sections.



Other time -lines and documents.


  Re-inserted this file on this day.


Original printable PDF files.  Newer ones further down the page.

 Printable copies of the previous web page. PDF Booklet Link  Large file that covers all this - now something over nine megabytes

  was a  shorter file- now about six megabytes


Some current events


San Andreas Set for Big One  June, 2006.  Some have said that the large Earthquake in Chicago takes place one month after the one in California.



New Madrid fault at top of FEMA's priority list  - Posted on Mon, Feb. 27, 2006


Newer PDF files, and further links.








  Added colorized hand in July 2006, to the PDF booklets, below, making them quite larger.  Above file is under two megabytes and covers things well.  Went back to original files to create.




4 July 2006 The War Itself  Text talks mainly about the war, itself.  Improved again the colorized map.  Place names clearer and arrows are red. 

Printable copy of this web page: 3 stages

4 July 2006 The War Itself .pdf

4 July 2006 The War Itself_Plates.pdf

USA Russian_Inv_Map_Huge_Fighting Zones1.jpg

above 3 files give you a printable copy of this web page




    Lessons from New Orleans Preparation page

above page has several practical documents linked to it.

Link to click for New Orleans Prep if on the net or my disks



Link to a file about the Movie Red Dawn

Red dawn came out about ten years after the first publication of the following prophesies, and followed the famine and Russian Invasion information, closely.



link to how I came upon these  ..\First_Story.htm


New Order Of Events Chicago Prophecies .htm  Posted March 1, 2006


New A Call To Arms Booklets\ 0_Start.htm  (Posted March 2, 2006)

archives several forms of what is on this page


Small Unit Operations- Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad, FM 7-8  DVD  only


Web and DVD

Combat And Survival Selected Field Manuals

Army Survival Manual  mostly PDFs

Hand To Hand Combat now in PDF and HTML-

NEW - Marine Corps Martial Arts section added

Close Quarters Combat

Navy Seabee Combat Manual

Rifle Marksmanship, Sniper Manual, in HTML and PDF

Miscellaneous Files - Guerilla Fighting

Full Compass, Land Navigation Field Manual, in HTML

Rifle Marksmanship, M16 and other Rifles

Army Marksmanship Pistol Training Guide in HTML and PDF



Older Files

Over the years, and particularly in the early years of this web-site, I began to try to recount the prophecies, several times. These files are listed below.  The    above, is where I now introduce the subject of the Chicago Prophecies. 


Mostly these pages refer back the the  , linked above. 


000 Call_to_Arms_Oldest_Notes.htm

This represents the oldest file I have about the prophecies. Found in my diaries



Found a file in 2005 with a complete version of the prophecies, and the clearest Russian Invasion Map, so far



Same as above, in PDF.  Sometimes gives trouble opening, on the web



first finding of the clearest USA Russian Invasion map, to date


003 A_Call_to_Arms.htm

Simplified version, first one posted on my site


004 A_Call_to_Arms_Revisted.htm

Though a little more involved, still a simplified version


005 Call_To_Arms_Addenda.htm

Found the first part of the complete prophecies, listed above


006 2005_A_Call_To_Arms_Papers.htm

Early in 2005 noted an older notebook on the subject


007 Call_to_Arms_USA_Invasion_Map.htm

First finding of the invasion map