Paul' s Pocket Saws Page  Today, in March, 2007, I consider my web-site, and DVD, to be finished.  Seems I had left out a file on one of my earliest "survival" items.


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What I might take to the field.

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Paul in 2006. Commercial Carpenter

what you may need

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Magnesium Fire Starter Cautionary

Good one from Duncan Long

The Immutable Ka bar Knife


In truth, most guys think of their "gear" as having some magical power to protect them. In their own mind, their survival depends on it. -  Talisman article

1) Saw a picture from an article -

(Picture will be loading, above.)

Picture is a good indication of what I might take, should I have to "go to the field," as it were.

2) I would take a kukri, but it would be this kukri.        Kukri Service


If you like the Ontario Ka Bar:     36 dollars    42 dollars     48 dollars


3) If I  might take only one rifle, it would be this one.  Best working rifle I know, deadly and quiet. 

MARLIN Model: 882SS -22 WMR - (22 Magnum)

* Now Called Model 982S

Marlin Model 882SS - HTML Owners Manual

       Bolt action rifle. 22 Win. Magnum Rim Fire; nickel-plated 7-shot clip magazine; 22" Micro-Groove® barrel; stainless steel barrel, receiver, front breech bolt and striker knob. All other metal parts are either stainless steel or nickel-plated, except for sights. Black, fiberglass-filled synthetic stock with molded-in checkering and swivel studs. Receiver grooved for scope mount; positive thumb safety; red cocking indicator. Adjustable folding semi- buckhorn rear, ramp front sight with fiber-optic sight insert. The fiber optic front sight insert is day-glow orange and gathers light. There is a removable Wide-Scan® hood. Approximate weight 6 1/4 lbs.; 41" over all length.

Marlin Web Link for this Firearm.


4) If added one more rifle, it might be:  Much longer range, and much more noise, the 30.06 round has been around for some one-hundred years.  I like this one.

Winchester Model 70 Bolt Action 30.06 -  "Ranger"

A High- Powered Rifle


"The Winchester® Model 70 not only has a rich history of dependable performance, it serves as a timeless example of what a bolt action rifle should be. The three-position safety is renowned for easy use and shows you instantly the status of your rifle. The barrel rifling on many models is hammer-forged, meaning excellent tolerances for better accuracy.

The classic, Controlled Round Feed action is a mainstay and continues to make the Model 70 line the most reliable and smoothest cycling in the industry. The massive claw of the Controlled Round Feed action captures the base of the cartridge securely and whisks it right to the chamber as fast as you can work the bolt. Newly designed stocks are very impressive, providing a sure hold, even when wet. So when the time comes, your Model 70 is ready, inside and out.

The Controlled Round Push Feed (CRPF) bolt is designed to offer the best aspects of the bench rest shooter’s favorite push feed action and the classic, Model 70 Controlled Round Feed action appreciated by experienced hunters. You can rely on this great new design to consistently feed and extract cartridges reliably in both short action and super-short action configurations. With an action this versatile, the rifles built around it are well suited for any hunting situation.

Hunters after Whitetail and other big game will appreciate the lightweight Model 70 Super Shadow. Mobile hunters who demand long-range accuracy need look no further than the Model 70 Coyote. Both rifles are available in all six hard hitting WSM and WSSM calibers. If varmints or bench rest shooting is on the menu, the redesigned Stealth II is ready from the box with a heavy 26" barrel and aluminum pillar bedded composite stock. Available in all three WSSM calibers and the popular 22-250 Rem. and 308 Win."

"Ranger" Specifications:

WINCHESTER Proof steel barrel;

Engine-Turned, Anti-bind bolt;

Three position safety;

Thermoplastic bedded receiver;

One piece American hardwood stock with protective satin finish;

Sling Swivel Studs; Contoured Recoil Pad; Rifle Sights.



- Caliber 30.06 Springfield ;

Magazine Capacity 4- (add one round to that for cartridge in chamber) ;

Weight (lbs) 6 3\4 ; Barrel Length 22" ; Overall Length 42 1\2" ;

Length of Pull 13 1\2" ; Drop at Comb 9\16 ; Drop at Heel 7\8" ;

Rate of Twist One Turn in 10"

HTML version of the Ranger booklet

Web Site for Above Firearm


Note that I favor bolt action for dependability and stability, and ammo conservation.


5) I would take one heavy pistol.

A look at the  Ruger Compact 45  A little difficult to shoot, if you have not had practice, quite deadly if you can hit with it at all.  Not for "game" but for stopping the "bad guys," or "varmints," at close range.


6) Optional light pistol










7) Ka-Bar Tanto




8) A knife I like, almost more than others.


9) An Ulu Knife

ULU \ index ulu .htm article


10) Any of several good folding knives, maybe two or three.


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what you may need

Kit article

Magnesium Fire Starter Cautionary


Newer Article  With a lot of my own simple survival gear stored, the 1st ALICE pack project has started me thinking about having a few of the things I might need for two or three days, in one place.



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