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Value and extra meals! Feed a family of four, three meals a day for a week or one person for one month! The 84 serving bucket is designed for those who want it all in one place. Every nutritious meal is covered for up to one month! Depend on Wise for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Enjoy ready meals like Cheesy Chicken Pasta, Corn Chowder, Stroganoff and more. They're easy to prepare, just add boiling water for a great tasting meal.

Storage: Wise Food's generous portions are nitrogen flushed, packaged in mylar pouches. Each pouch is designed to feed a family of four. You'll get to taste every type of meal made by Wise. Ready for 25 years!

MRE Star brand MREs are sold in cases of 12 complete meals; Each meal averages approximately 1,200 calories making them some of the largest portion sizes available, a must for a fighting soldier or anyone actively working in a survival situation.

Complete with a military issue, water activated heater (NSN # 8970-01-321-9153). These are actual military MREs as issued to miltary units in various NATO allied countries in South America. As such, instructions concerning the preparation of each meal are both in English and Spanish.

Included in every sealed meal pouch is: 1 Main Entree
4 Sugar Cookies
1 Powdered Drink Mix
Trail Mix and Dried Fruit OR Flour Tortillas
Accessory Pack
Water Activated Flameless Heater.
Instructions in both English and Spanish

The Accessory Pack includes:
1-Heavy Duty Plastic Spoon
1 Napkin
1 Wetnap
1 Instant Coffee
1 Sugar
1 Non Dairy Creamer
1 each Salt and Pepper.