Bought a Johnson Adventure Potbelly and did not like the large sheath.  Removed the end flap, the pouch, and folded down the top rig for the belt.  Took the black cord guides off the back, and the whole thing is just a lot lighter.  In picture added a Buck Knife which I have since removed.  Paul.

Should note it takes a 3mm hex wrench to fit the handle screws. One fella wrote about his loosening up..

stock picture above had sheath looking smaller because it is farther back. 

looks more like this

on mine the little interior sheath for the small knife was difficult to use

after spending all that money, began to modify the sheath...


sheath look was folded down to three inches.  formerly too small



took off the bottom flap, put my own holes in, folded down flap, as noted, removed pouch and small knife and black on the back cord guides.   recently dropped the buck knife off the rig..


more will be added to this article...