Notes from 2011 on  - Kukri

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Have a new favorite kukri I just received yesterday, July 7, 2011 and spent the day modifying to my liking.  Will fill article in later.

For now, this morning, I will be listing a few of my own modified Kukris for sale, on this page.

is the email if you are interested.  Should list size and show pictures and assign a number to each one as the days go on.  Paul.

Just thought about this a while ago and need to work up this page.

These not modified for appearance but for use, though they do look nice in the picture.  Will be modifying the frog, or rig that holds them on your belt, and what not...There are four heavy ones, four what most people call normal sized now, and two light ones -  best info at the moment as to what you may be interested in...