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Personally, I don’t like the little “pop guns.” I do recommend the Kel_Tec 32 auto shown at

Limits of intended use

You must understand that these little pistols are for short-range, short-time, emergency use, only. They are not really for the range. Complaints about how they may jam after multiple clips being fired through them does not apply to proper use of such a gun, in my opinion.  The little pistol is intended to be kept clean, in working order, and to be there for limited use.

The little guns like this one are intended for emergency-only firing. Consider that they only come with one clip, and most automatics come with two.  


You can order additional clips. 


I recommend you stick with Winchester's FMJ, only.  You should never have a problem-jam, with them.

Not cheap, but good quality.

 I recommend this pistol because it works well. I have had two small-caliber pistols that were around one-hundred dollars, and were not defendable. Price might be a consideration, from $260 to $300 plus, depending on where you buy them. For around a hundred or so more, you can buy a Ruger 9mm. Point is, again that this is a small, concealable gun.

Around the ranch.

Don’t take this discussion as gospel, but as I understand it, on your own property, you can conceal a weapon. In your own house, you can certainly conceal a weapon. Check your local laws. This little gun is so small, you can loose it in your pocket.

Read about one homesteader who was wondering what small pistol to carry. Seems that shooting an errant skunk, in his chicken house, with a 45 auto, left him an entire chicken house to clean up. The small format of the 32 auto would have worked better.

My opinion.

Have owned a 25 that belonged to my father. Jammed too much. Also, the 25 was too small to adequately drive back the slide. Owned a 380, cheapo, and the firing pin was prone to breakage. The 380 in such a small pistol was a real bear to shoot.


The 32 is a good compromise, and the one from Kel_Tec is a good one. As I said, I like the Full Metal Jacket round for the 32, from Winchester. 


The FMJ from Winchester, in 32 auto, has a flattened nose. I like this round. Gives you good penetration, typical of a Full Metal Jacket, with the flattened nose, of what they used to call a “dum-dum”.

The light round should penetrate well, through muscle, towards vital organs. The flattened tip should transfer energy, well, if you hit bone. All in all, looks like a good little back-up gun.

Improvised holster.

Took a pouch from a folding hunter knife, made of synthetic, and improvised a holster. Just slitting the side, and a little sewing, did the trick. Did make the profile of the little pistol larger, but I am not worried. Paul.






The Kel_Tec 32 auto is a good little gun.


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