Extended files above 3.5 Gigs.

Double Layered DVD technology makes this possible.

Process was to boil down data to one CD.  Next process was to Keep it within one DVD.  About 3.5 Gigs was max, for stability on the disk.  Double layer I figure to be about 7 gigs, hence the name.


For now, you will have to browse the many sub-folders under the folder 7G, with Windows Explorer, or My Computer to find the extended files..  Paul.

Later Note:  Turns out that although my DVD drive will read a DVD DL disk, it will not burn one.  No files in the folder 7G folder, except this one, on a normal DVD. 

7G is separate-single DVD sized folder, and will be worked on for adding in later.



Me on 9 November 1974, Fort Knox Kentucky, in Army Basic Training.