Alan Fry Illustrated.  This guy gave me a lot of ideas.  I saved many pictures from his book, and gleaned some ideas for equipment.

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Estwing Campers Axe

 Estwing Camper's 26" Ax: 
The Camper's Ax is 26" in length and features Estwing's exclusive nylon-vinyl deep cushion safety grip that will not loosen, come off or wear out. It features a 4 inch cutting edge and comes with a leather sheath. "

This axe is both light and durable and sharp.  The all metal handle will not break.  Very easy to use, and carry on a pack.

Alan Recommends a steel-handled axe or hatchet.


Gear I added because of Alan.  Folding two bladed knife from case.






From: "Paul Phillips" <[email protected]> Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 19:49:03 -0400

Subject: Good Camping Knife

Alan Fry, Wilderness Survival Handbook, makes a knife recommendation. He now carries a single knife, with two blades. That way, one can remain sharp, and the other can be used for general purpose.

The Folding Hunter, from Case, is such a knife. It has the number 189, and 6265SS on one blade. A large knife, I have seen it for $60. Lowe's Hardware had it for $46. On line seems to run about that same amount.

Replaces a fixed-blade hunting knife, and a pocket knife. Attaches to belt by resting in the leather pouch that comes with it. Author recommends keeping such a knife secured to you, for emergency field use. Comes with razor-sharp blades. The straighter- narrower blade is for skinning. A large pocket knife.

Note that blade does not lock. Knife is useful for most everything you would need "out in nature." If you want to, you can keep fixed-blade, locking-blade, or other types of knives in your pack. This one does most everything, and rests on your belt. -Paul


Knife, Case Folding Hunter, 189 (6265SS), Further Discussion

I bought one of these knives last week, after “finding” it in my own notes from the Fry book. (After finding a recommendation for a single belt knife to do most field, or campground, work.)

Ya, I know I have a lot of knives. To make it sound better, I am calling it a Collection. If they are ever needed because of “dire circumstances,” I will probably be giving the extras to people who need them, or use them in barter. Whatever the LORD leads.

The knife feels good in the hand, but you need to note I have large hands. I have carried it on the construction site for three days. Very useful. Only drawback seems to be that I can not use it as a screw-driver, as I do my Swiss Army Knife. That might not be a drawback camping, where “nuts and screws” do not abound. (Probably a joke in there somewhere.) The skinning blade was truly razor-sharp “out of the box.” The larger broader, “working” blade needed some light honing.

Carried both knives, one on the belt, and one in the pocket, part of this week. Principally used the Folding Hunter to cut plastic, which it did with great ease. The knife seems to be of the size that would be most useful for everything from preparing a normal sized fish, to paring an apple, to preparing plant cuttings for propagation. (Bet you-all forgot that the field of study the Father had me take up after Construction, was Horticulture, at Wilkes Community College. He is and has trained all of us for what is coming.)

The Case Folding Hunter is nine-and-one-quarter inches in length, when opened. Each blade is nominally four-inches in length. You guessed it, folded it is five-and-one-quarter inches. Weighs 7.5 ounces, or just under half-a-pound. Comes with genuine leather case.

website   look under Working Knives
















March 18, 2001 This book is an excellent resource. The following reviews and attached jpg file comes from two web sites. Wilderness Survival Handbook, Alan Fry.jpg

The pictures are clear, an one could actually build an animal snare using them. Though written for the North, it applies more closely to possible hard survival situations than any I have seen. He even makes a recommendation on firearms. I probably have half-a dozen or so survival books, by now, and this is a good one. Fifteen dollars plus tax at Barnes and Noble. -- Paul
Paul Phillips

[email protected]

Wilderness Survival Handbook
By: Fry, Alan
Edition #2//Paperback
284 pages
Language: English

Here is an essential guidebook to clothing, sheltering, eating, staying warm, and finding one's way in the outdoors. In clear, concise style, Fry covers what people need to know before starting out, including choosing appropriate clothing and footwear, signaling for help, starting and managing fire, building emergency shelter, first aid, and obtaining water and food. 100 illustrations.
Publication Date: December 1996
Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 0312147635
More Outdoor Skills - Sport/Recreation titles:
Index OUR PRICE for delivery to:
USA/Canada: US$14.95

Wilderness Survival Handbook
by Alan Fry
ISBN 0312147635

Add "in the boreal wilderness" to the subtitle and this book's contents are described perfectly. Outdoor pursuits such as hiking, backpacking, cross-country skiing, and canoeing have grown wildly popular of late. But what does one do if injured or caught in a storm, far from home or human contact? Fry, who lives in a tepee in the Yukon Territory, offers much advice, detailing the techniques and equipment required to survive emergencies in the wilderness. Notably, Fry's counsel is adaptable to similar situations in less demanding wilderness areas of North America, which should give his book wide appeal. A desirable purchase for most public libraries, in part because similar books are now 15 to 25 years old. Paula M. Strain, Rockville, Md.

Title - Wilderness Survival Handbook
Author- Alan Fry
LCCN 96-024863
Subject Wilderness survival -- Canada -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.
Subject Wilderness survival -- United States -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.
Year 1996
Published in New York State
Illustrations - Yes
Nature of record - Handbooks
Publisher New York :St. Martin's Griffin,1996.
Physical xvi, 284 p. :ill. ;21 cm.
ISBN 0312147635
Geographic area Canada
Geographic area United States
Edition statement Rev. ed.

General note "A practical, all-season guide to short trip preparation and survival techniques for hikers, skiers, backpackers, canoeists, snowmobilers, travelers in light aircraft--and anyone stranded in the outdoors."

General note "First St. Martin's Griffin edition"--T.p. verso.