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How to Break The Power Of Depression.

Friends, this is the answer to the email of the other day entitled "Surely He Has Borne Our Griefs." I spoke about things really seeming dark to me.

This is in note form, and is not a finished, polished work. The part in the blue Dwight got from me by asking what has been bothering me, and how I was feeling.

I am sending this out, on my own, in this form, because I think it will help many. My apologies to the various people who wrote part of this if they are offended. It is not my intent to offend. Paul.

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Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2003 19:50:15 -0500

From: Dwight Jester <[email protected]>

To: Tim

Subject: Re: Question

Tim, I am repeating what you wrote and what I have written as a way out. Read, pray it and let me know what happens. If we work together to make this work, we can help a lot of people Most Christians are right where you are right now. In Jesus, Dwight

Tim wrote:

Dwight, I have a practical question for you; namely, how do you do battle on a daily basis against the satanic pressure coming through curses? While encouraged by our phone call yesterday, by evening I felt pressure returning to think, feel, and act according to images, memories, and emotions that always produce death in me such as I wrote to you about previously.

The thing is, and I'm sure you understand this, I perceive satan lies to me about myself, others, and God, and then offers images from my memory and imagination as proof that what he tells me is true. Since I can find no contrary evidence from my memory or imagination (at least not convincing enough to counter the weight of his argument), and since his lies have been reinforced by a repeating pattern of circumstances for so many years in my life, I agree with these images, and they feel...right.

I feel completely dominated by these images and memories and historical patterns and as though I will never escape them. How do I take a stand against this onslaught? It seems that the vulnerability to satan is not from without, but by the "traitor" within; namely, that part of me (the old

man) which agrees with satan and chooses to act out of that mind-set.

The real battle is against the old man, isn't it? I'm reminded of what Jesus said close to His death: "the ruler of the world is coming, and he has nothing in Me." Jesus had no old man nature by which satan could get a foothold to manipulate and control. Get rid of such as this within us and satan loses his ability to manipulate and control us. I'd appreciate your thoughts on this/any practical advise.

In Christ, Tim

How to Break the Power of the Familiar Spirits and Images

They Use to Try to Pull You Back into Your Old Nature.

After you understand all the powers that Satan has arrayed against you, you have had some deliverance, and now you find yourself being pulled back into what you had been set free from, what do you do on an hourly or daily basis to stay free? This is a very common question, and

everyone that is in the process of being delivered from Satanís power is constantly fighting this battle. Personally, I have won most of the battle, however, there are nagging fears that pull at me constantly that I have to pray against constantly. However, when I am put into certain

circumstances these things come back on me strongly, and I have to deal with them strongly.

The most important prayer that I can pray constantly: "Every day and in every way I surrender my will to the will of my Father in Heaven." You need to pray this constantly whether you are feeling pressure or not. You need to pray it until you believe without doubt on your part that you really believe it and mean it when you pray it.

These are the prayers you need to pray to break the hold that the images and familiar spirits have on your life. Remember the images in your imagination are coming from your ancestry, and the images in your memory started with your past ancestry, and are coming from the experiences you

have had since the time you were in your motherís womb until right now. The antichrist spirit is in your human spirit along with three double helpers "false power and authority, pride and condemnation, and deception and delusion." These are in charge of the familiar spirits that

reside in your conscience and all of the demons that reside inside of you in your emotions, mind, and body.


Here is what happens. The antichrist spirit reaches over into your imagination, flashes bad images and scenes on the screen of your mind, then confirms it with an image in your memory. These images tend to give you a feeling of hopeless, and you begin to become overcome by these feelings.

You are convinced that nothing is going to work out for you. Everything seems hopeless. You feel dread on the inside. You are convinced that nothing will change the situation - not even God. It seems that you canít even make a will choice to be free. You feel like you deserve what is happening to you. At this point, the familiar spirits begin to tell you how bad you really are, and probably suggest that you kill yourself. How in the world do you get out of this?


Ask Jesus to come into your human spirit and drive out the antichrist spirit and all of his helpers. Ask Jesus to enter into your human spirit and take it over. Ask Jesus to drive all the evil ancestral images from your imagination. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill your imagination with the true images of the Kingdom of God. Ask him to drive all the images in your memory from you. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill your memory with the true images of the Kingdom of God. Ask Jesus to drive the familiar spirits from your conscience, and ask the Holy Spirit to fill your conscience with himself.




Ask Jesus to drive the old nature from your personality, and fill your personality with the new person He created you to be. Ask Jesus to set your emotions free from fear, anger, resentment, bitterness, violence, and murder. Ask him to free you from feelings of self- judgment, self- condemnation, self-hate, inferiority, unworthiness, ineptness, depression, despair, hopelessness and thoughts of dying or committing suicide. Ask Jesus to deliver you from the emotional spirit of death, and for the Holy Spirit to fill you with the emotional spirit of life.

Begin to praise and Worship God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit for doing this for you right now.







Note from Paul:

It seems that many of us get in to depression this time of year. That is what my pastor tells me.

For the past few days things have been like living in an iron-clad prison, really made of fear. All this ministry is lifting the gate on my cage of fear.

I can see the light, and know that Jesus is LORD.

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