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A BODY PROPHESY - January 1989

Eight People Spoke That Day, With a Continuity only the Holy Spirit could give.


       Spoke in tongues, interpretation:



 I AM moving in your midst

     to heal and deliver and set free.

 To bring out the captive from the bondage.

 I AM here to bring out the deep-seated

    root things in your lives.


 The things that have been hidden from all eyes.
    The things that you have buried.

 If you will reach out to me,

    then I will move in your behalf.

 I will take a trowel

    and dig up the ground

     in the middle of the deep.

 And nothing shall be hidden from the light.
    I will plant the seed of the new man.
         I will water it, and fertilize it, and nurture it.

 And it WILL grow in you.

    I will not leave you nor forsake you.
         I will be with you, and I will prune you.

 I will hover over you.
         I will keep you.

 I will love you with an abiding love that never ends.



 I will teach your hands to war.


 I will go before you and you shall be My Army.
     The will of the Father will be done.


 Come and sit in heavenly spaces with Me.
    Come and feast on Me, and I WILL make you full.


 I AM the Lord your God who is mighty in peace,

    and mighty in war.


 He who lives in Me reigns with Me.
 He will reign in power and might,

    and authority and dominion, and life and light.


 In him shall be no darkness,

 for I AM his light,

 and in Me there is no darkness.


 I will deliver you from the darkness,

 and we will walk in the light,

 My light.


 I have called you out as a separate people

  special unto Me,

   and your light will go forth.


 Come and abide with Me and be My light.


 Do not be afraid.

    Do not be afraid of the light.

      DO  NOT  BE  AFRAID 

          OF  THE  LIGHT.


 For the light shall expose what is evil,

    and the light will destroy that evil.


 You shall walk in the
    abundance of My ways.
 You shall be blessed according to
    the riches of My Father.

 You shall be blessed
   in your spirit,
   in your soul,
   and in your body,
   in your jobs,
   in your money,
   in your children,
   in your marriages,
   and in your fellowship.

 Do not turn to the darkness
   but turn to the light.

 For in the light is healing.
   In the light is deliverance.
    In the light is safety and security.
     In the light is peace.
      In the light is life,
       and that life is everlasting.



Editors Note:  We were taping the meeting that night, and this is a transcript from that tape.  I personally heard the prophesy, and have attempted to re-construct the timing and meter of the words, as they were spoken.  Myself, and the others present, can testify that what is written above did happen.  Paul. 

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