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Here is an outline I have just finished revising. Please look it over and let me know what I should add or take away. Also, I need to know about any unclear sentences, or typos. In Him, Dwight


1.) In the beginning God. (The trinity. God in three person's.) Each having a different function in the God head. (Gen. 1:1-3)

2.) We were created by Jesus to have fellowship with the Father before the earth was formed. (Jer 1:5;Eph 1:5;John 1:12-13;Matt 18:3;Col 3:10)

3.) Lucifer, who was an archangel (my belief), was there when Jesus created us. Therefore, he knows who Jesus created us to be and what our relationship with God, the Father is supposed to be. (Job 1:6-7;Eze 28:12-19;Isa 14;12-15)

4.) Lucifer apparently was in charge of a third of the angels. (Rev 12) He decides to take God's place and become like God. (Isa. 14:12,13). He gets a third of the angels to go with him to fight against God. (Rev. 12:4)

5.) God sends Michael and his angels to fight against Lucifer, and they kick Lucifer out of heaven along with his angels. (Rev 12:7-9). Lucifer sets up his headquarters in the heavenly sphere (Eph 6:12), and is named Satan by God. (Lucifer did not rename Himself)

6.) Twelve of the Angels that went with Satan were the Angels of the zodiac, who, before they sinned, proclaimed the birth, life, death, burial, resurrection of Jesus, and Christ's war with and final defeat of Satan in the stars. The zodiac stars have three Constellations that go with each of them making a total of 48 separate ways of depicting the life of Christ and His conflict with Satan and His final victory. All this was depicted by the stars in the sky and was a revelation to man before man invented writing (writing came 2500 years after man was created). The job of the Zodiac Angels now is to control every aspect of our lives from the heavenlies. They rule over all nations through each person's birth date. Therefore they rule equally over all nations.

(James Kennedy has written a book called The Real Meaning of the Zodiac. Write Coral Ridge Ministries, P.O. Box 40, Ft Lauderdale, FL for a copy (I think it is $6.00 per copy)

7.) The zodiac angels are second in command in Satan's kingdom (Eph 6:12), and it is their job to counterfeit the new person Jesus created us to be. Thus, they are the ones who generations before you were born controlled the people in your ancestry to begin to counterfeit the person who Jesus created you to be. They send familiar spirits to us when we are conceived in our Mother's womb to deceive us into accepting the counterfeit person they want us to be. They use familiar spirits, our parents, and other people after we are born to form the counterfeit person in us as a counterfeit of the new person Jesus created us to be in heaven. In the Bible this counterfeit person is called the old man nature. (Rom 6:6; Eph 4:22; Col 3:9)

8.) They can not do this by themselves since they are neither all knowing, nor can they be everywhere at once. There are many angels in the heavenly sphere that helps in this task. There are angels of darkness, sickness, and death. There are angels of deception and delusion, angels of unbelief, angels of the occult, angels of false images, angels of false confirmation, angels of false slavery, angels of false worship, angels of the shadow of death, and the angels of Baal (male domination) and Asherah (female domination) (Ephesians 6:12)

9.) The task of these angels is to aid the zodiac angels in forming the old man nature in you from outside of you. They start with your ancestry beginning with Adam and Eve and coming down to your parents. Their specific purpose is to get the right people in your ancestry to marry each other so you will choose the counterfeit person in place of the new person Jesus created you to be when you come alive in your mother's womb. In order to do this, they use unrighteous, righteous (Deu 28:15-68), psychic curses, false gods, sins, and sicknesses that come from your ancestry.

10.) When you come alive in your mother's womb all of the curses and covenants mentioned above are right with you to get you to accept them.

Familiar spirits (ones that are familiar with your ancestry) talk you into believing you can not trust God, nor can you trust your parents.

(based on the curses and covenants sent against you and the way your parents react to each other and to you when you are in your mother's womb). They convince you the only way you are going to make it in life is to do it yourself. You are deceived into choosing to take responsibility for yourself in every area of your life. When you do this, you have made the antichrist spirit the lord of your life, and you have chosen the counterfeit little child spirit in place of the true person Jesus created you to be.

The antichrist spirit then enters into your human spirit and begins to direct and rule over all the demons he is going to send into your spirit, soul, and body. The antichrist spirit answers directly to the zodiac angels. The zodiac angels, directing the antichrist, are forming inside of you the counterfeit of the new person Jesus created you to be. This is what we call the old man nature. The zodiac angel knows what your new person was created to be, so he knows how to counterfeit it.

10A.) When you choose to repent and turn from trusting in your old man nature and choose to be restored to the person Jesus created you to be, then Jesus comes into your human spirit and becomes the Lord of your life. He also restores your new person as a baby in your spirit, just as it came alive in your mother's womb when your were conceived. I have to be serious about making this choice. I can't play around with it and not be serious. If I do, I am not truly a

Christian. (Rom 10:9-10 AMP)

11.) The antichrist has three distinct personalities-I am god, I am savior, and I am a victim. He mixes these three personalities in varying ways in each of us to counterfeit the new person. He also has three twin demons that reside in your spirit that help him with his work. They are false power and authority, pride and condemnation, and deception and delusion (an evil being like the angel in the heavenly sphere, but capable of residing in your human spirit)

11A.) When you choose for Jesus to truly be Lord of you life, and ask Him to drive out the Antichrist, his personalities, and his helpers, He will do it. Jesus is your deliverer, as well as your Lord and Savior.

12.) Deception and delusion, which resides in your spirit, fills your imagination with false images of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Kingdom of God. They fill your imagination with false images of yourself, and other people. They fill your imagination with false images of your situations and circumstances. And they fill your imagination with false images of Satan, his angels, principalities, powers, and demons.

12A.) If you ask Jesus to deliver your imagination from all the false images deception and delusion that has entered it, Jesus will come and take all the false images and cast them from you. The Holy Spirit will then begin to fill your imagination with the true images of the Kingdom of God. (Gen 6:5;Gen 11:6;Pro 6;18;Eze. 8:12;Rom 1:21;II Cor. 10:5)

13.) The familiar spirits residing in your conscience tell you that the false images in your imagination are true images, and they convince you to follow them as truth. They are also in charge of advising you and telling you how to solve your problems, and, as we will see, they are in charge of the false images stored in your memory. The images in your memory mainly deal with your past and the things that have happened to you since you were born. (Lev 20:6;Deu 18:11;I Sam 28:3;II Kings 21:6;II Kings 23:4;Isa 8:19)

13A.) The Holy Spirit will come into your conscience, if you ask Him to come. He will shut the mouths of the familiar spirits, and cast them out of your conscience. He will then become the one who teaches the meaning of the true images he has placed in your imagination. He will advise you as to when, where, how, and why to do things. He will bring you into all truth, and he will fill your memory with the true images of the Kingdom of God in place of the false images that are there. (John 16:13)

14.) Satan, the zodiac angels, the antichrist, the demons inside of you and outside of you (working through people or directly attacking you) begin to form images in your memory based upon fear, hurt, pain, rejection, sorrow, guilt, doubt, your personal experiences with people and authorities, etc. These images are flashed on the screen of you mind by the familiar spirits and they use them to cause you to do any or all of the above. This, in turn, causes you to fear, be angry, hate, resent, be bitter, and have thoughts of murder or suicide. They make you feel unworthy, inferior, and guilty. They make you feel as though you have done something wrong and you need to be punished.

You begin to feel depressed, despairing, lonely, you fear being alone, or you feel like leaving this world to escape the pressure, thoughts of suicide and even death itself creep into your feelings. They have now taken over your emotions. Then, they begin to tell you all the things you can do, get an education, strive, perform, become sexually promiscuous, become gay, take drugs or alcohol, figure out ways to dominate people, get into the occult. Anything to give you a possible solution to your problems.

If you agree with them and begin to do these things, then you have developed an addiction. Addictions can be anything including studying your bible, going to church, and doing work for God. Satan will do anything to prevent you from being restored to the new person you were created to be, including being a Christian Pharisee. (James 1:13-14;II Tim 1:7;Eph 4:26,31;)

14A.) If you ask them, Jesus and the Holy Spirit will come to set you free from these things. Jesus delivers you from your false images, casts out all the fear, hate, anger, resentment you have toward, yourself, God, and other people. He delivers you from all your addictions no matter what they are. The Holy Spirit baptizes your emotions with love, joy, peace, and hope. Jesus delivers you from all your inferiority, guilt, depression, and the emotional spirit of death that resides in your emotions. (I John 3:8)

15.) The familiar spirits get you to bring your intellect into the discussions about the false images in your imagination, and the false images in your memory. He causes you to roll things around in your intellect to try to figure out what you need to do to solve the problems facing you. He is trying to get you to do it yourself using your own intellect, emotion, and will. Your intellect is filled with doubt, unbelief, confusion, and lack of understanding of the word, the truth, and the voice of God.

15A.) If you ask him, the Holy Spirit places the mind in you that is in Jesus Christ. Your mind is filled with the faith, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, courage, strength, dominion, authority, clearness of thought, and power that is in the mind of Jesus. (Phil 2:5)

16.) Satan uses all his angels, principalities, and demons for his end purpose, which is to control your will. His purpose is for your will to completely agree and track with his will. When this happens you are always deciding in line with the will of Satan instead of the will of the Father. When you reach this stage, Satan has almost complete control over you. However, he can not completely control your will, and you can always make a decision against him, even if you have already made a conscious covenant to follow him. (Psa 48:8;Psa 143;10;Mat 6:10;Mat 12:50;John 7;17;Eph 6:6;James 4;15;Heb 13;21;Rom 12;2;Acts 21:14)

16A.) If you ask Him, Your Heavenly Father will come into your will and He will drive from your will the will and purpose of Satan for your life. He will fill your will with His will so that your will tracks exactly with the will of the Father. (Mat 7:21)

17.) Satan also counterfeits the new person in your personality. In your personality, he places one, two, three or all four of the personality spirits that counterfeit your one new person Jesus created you to be.

These four personalities are the little child personality, the servant personality, the female dominating personality, and the male dominating personality. These coincide with the, I am god, I am savior, and I am victim personalities of the antichrist spirit who resides in your human spirit. This is what the Bible calls the old man nature. It is the counterfeit of the new person Jesus created us to be. (Eph 4:22AMP)

17A.) If you ask Jesus, He will come and deliver you from these counterfeit personalities, and the Holy Spirit will place the personality of the new person Jesus created you to be in their place.

(Eph 4:24;Col 3:10)

18.) Once Satan has taken over your spirit, imagination, conscience, memory, emotion, intellect, will, and personality, he also takes over your body to cause all kinds of things to happen to it. Things such as sickness, disease, abnormal sexual drive, lust for alcohol, drugs, food, starvation, too much exercise, too little exercise, nervousness, tension, anxiety, stiffness. You begin to deteriorate rapidly.

18A.) If you ask Jesus He will come into your body and deliver it from evil beings and heal all the places where they have caused damage. He heals all your sicknesses and diseases.

19.) As you continue to repent, break covenants and make choices for God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are setting you free. Your new person is growing and maturing in the Lord until one day you have an intimate personal relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in your spirit, soul, and body. Your new person has been restored and you have become the person Jesus created you to be from the beginning. (Eph 4:24;Col 3:10)

20.) When this has happened to you, then God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit have won the battle for you. You have been rescued from the kingdom of Satan and have been restored to the Kingdom of God. You have an intimate, personal relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in your human spirit, soul, and body. You have become a mature Christian.

This is your goal and what it means to work out your salvation. (Phil 2:12)

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