November 24th, 1996 sub topic:

Genuine Repentance

See Jesus standing in front of you. You are kneeled down before Him. Begin to lay all your fear, pain, hurt, rejection, anger, resentment, and unforgiveness at His feet. See yourself laying all the curses from your ancestors, your parents, and from others there. Lay all the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical abuse you received as a child before Him. Choose to repent of deciding for yourself what is right and wrong for your life.

Give Him all your addictions--domination, overeating, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, sexual promiscuity and perversion, greed, false religion, occult practices, (witchcraft, fortune telling, tarot cards, Ouija boards, mind control, false prophesying, seances, mediumship, new age, masonry, Mormonism, eastern religions, false Christianity, add what you do), relationships, possessions, goals, fears, and images from my past. (add any I have missed).

Watch as Jesus completely removes everything you have laid at His feet. Feel His forgiveness and love flow over you--spirit, soul, and body. He leans over, lays His hands on your head and you feel His power flow through every part of your being. Receive His forgiveness for you and all the things you have ever done. Receive His forgiveness for all the people in your life who have ever rejected, abandoned, ignored, died, or abused you emotionally, mentally, physically, and sexually.

Choose by your free will to let go of everyone of these things in your life. Let Jesus give you a brand new inheritance, and a brand new personality and identity. Let Him deliver you from all the power of Satan in your life. Choose to be translated from the kingdom of Satan to the Kingdom of God. Choose for Jesus to be Lord, Master, King, and Ruler of your life.

Refuse and reject the lordship of Satan and the spirit of Antichrist. Make a will choice to trade in your old life with all its hurts, pains, and failures for a completely new existence in the Kingdom of God. Thank Jesus for doing this for you.



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