Flying Van Saved by God


Monday, Sept 6, 2004. Just heard this story on the 700 club.

Seems this woman and young son were lifted by Hurricane Charlie, some fifty feet in the air, - while still in their van! After praying the Lord's Prayer, and saying " Thy will be done, on Earth, as it is in Heaven," she felt the van gently set down.

A bystander saw the van floating by, and said it looked like someone was holding it in their hand, like a little toy.

Now, do you believe that God might be able to handle your little problems? Do you think that He might be big enough?

I am surely convicted by this story. Paul.


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By Gorman Woodfin

The 700 Club

A tornado survivor shares how she prayed the Lord's prayer while 50 feet in the air in the midst of a level-three twister.


 "I am so afraid of tornadoes to begin with. I grew up being afraid of them. My dad was afraid of them. It's always been a huge fear of mine," says Kim Bernhardt.

Kim is a loving single mom with a playful 4-year-old son, Evan. One day, while running errands around town, Kim says the skies grew strangely dark. Kim and Evan came face to face with a level 3 tornado.

"At first I accelerated really hard when it first hit us,

thinking, I'm going to drive out of this. I can get out of this. And I couldn't. I was just stuck."

Kim desperately tried to get to her church, but the twister was already upon her and it would not let her turn into the church parking lot.

"We should have been killed upon impact," she says. "It just picked us up and carried us. Then we started being raised up more, being swept more, turning. Then I see it's going up more and more to where we're up toward the top of the houses, where I'm looking down to the side and seeing houses just literally being sucked apart. I saw the shingles flying off. I saw the roofs just totally being taken off."

Kim had no idea how dangerously high in the air they were. Candace Shelton was an eyewitness that fateful afternoon. She says that Kim's van was about 50 feet in the air over power lines. She saw a white van "flying" in the air from her second-floor window.

"Things were blowing around everywhere, and then there's a telephone pole over here, and I saw a white van that was up in the air above the telephone pole. It was just as if you take like a little toy car and you set it in your hand and you hold it up in the air. It was just like someone had it held in the palm of their hand," says Candice.

In the midst of her unbelievable ordeal, Kim's thoughts were focused solely on the safety of her son.

"The darkest moment was when I looked back at Evan and had that thought of what if I live and Evan is killed?" Kim recalls. "I imagined his head being mutilated by debris. I remember loosening my seatbelt, and the next thing I knew, I was embracing him, telling him, 'God is with us.'" Then Kim began praying a familiar prayer while she was shielding her son on the floor of their van.

"When I went above that house and was praying the Lord's Prayer, right when I was at the part 'Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven,' this other overwhelming thought came to my mind: 'Oh, no! I don't think I put the van in park!' I reached up and put the van in park," Kim explains. "I got right back down over Evan. The van is still going sideways and moving around, and I'm like, Why did I do that? I couldn't understand why I thought putting the van in park was going to help in a tornado."


Suddenly, their incredible flight in the twister ended. The van landed gently on the ground. Kim was stunned.

"It's like we were in a cradle," she says. "We were let down. I felt one gentle motion, and then I felt another very gentle motion. And we were gently I mean, gently set down."

While praying the Lord's Prayer, Kim felt God spoke to her heart to put the van in park. She now says that simple act possibly saved their lives.

"I think we would have gone into a house. Where we landed was facing toward a house, and not that far," she says. "We landed in the front yard, facing a house , but we were in park. I looked out. I see all these homes torn apart. I see that we're in a front yard headed toward a house, and we're sitting there. I see all the trees down everywhere. It was very frightening."

Kim believes that God's presence was very real in the midst of that terrifying twister.

"That prayer has a different meaning to me now, ' on earth as it is in heaven. Thy will be done.' I was right there between earth, being torn apart, and being close to heaven, because I really believe God was there with us. I really did not believe, at that point, I would live; yet there was a peace. I knew I was in the hand of God."

A level three tornado This is considered a severe tornado. There are five levels of severity can carry winds in excess of 200 miles per hour. Kim is still amazed that she and Evan left their van without a scratch.

"To know that we were 50 feet in the air and that we weren't just dropped and killed and crashed. We should have crashed into a house," she says. "I got onto the Internet. I found a car back in the '40s that had landed in a man's living room and was killed. We were just feet from landing in a living room."

Kim says she learned some strong spiritual lessons in the midst of this powerful storm.

"He loves us so much. I never felt it more than I felt it in that tornado, and in that verse where I said, 'God is in the whirlwind,'" says Kim. "He was in the whirlwind. He was with us. I feel like He proved His love to me. I know He did it a long time ago on the Cross, but He showed me that day how much He loved me."

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Paul's note: the above closely covers the interview I saw on the TV, with one exception, Kim stated at least twice in the interview, that when she prayed


"Thy Will be Done, on Earth, as it is in Heaven,"


the van was gently set down.  May God's will be done in your life, today, on Earth, as it is in Heaven, in Jesus Name, Amen.





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