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Note, Dwight read this Prayer over the phone to me, during the day.  When I got home, he had emailed it .  Very Powerful, Very Helpful.  Paul   Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004   From: Dwight Jester   [email protected]


Read and Meditate upon these prayers, and consider each line.   

Revised, October 30, 2004. 

New prayers based upon fresh revelation from the Holy Spirit. 


I am getting report after report of people being healed spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically from people praying these prayers for other people and for themselves.   One commitment you should make before praying these prayers is to choose to do the will of God in your new person!   Some people may believe that they don't have a new person.   Everyone has a new person, however, most of the time it is our old person that is in charge or our life.


I choose to do the will of God

in my new person. 


Every day and in every way,

I choose by my new person to submit to the will of my Heavenly Father.



I ask you to send Jesus and his angels into my heavenly place and drive out Satan,

the Sun and Moon sign,

and all zodiac angels.


Drive out darkness,



and death. 


Drive out all the rulers of occult powers in all forms. 


Drive out the rulers over addictions. 


Drive out false images and the worship of false images. 


Drive out false worship of people,

material possessions,



and money. 


Drive out all the curses and covenants that have come to me through my parents,

 grand parents,

and so forth,

all the way back to Adam and Eve. 


Drive out any curses and covenants that I have agreed with by my own choice.



come into my imagination and drive out all the curses and covenants that are there. 


Holy Spirit come and fill my imagination with the covenant blessing images of the Kingdom of God. 


Jesus come into my memory and drive out every negative and hurtful image that Satan has caused to come into me, 

from the time I was conceived until right now. 


Holy Spirit fill my memory with the true images of the Kingdom of God. 


Jesus drive out the male and female dominating angels that are over the top of my spirit. 


Jesus drive out antichrist from my spirit,

  along with false power and authority,

 pride and condemnation,

and deception and delusion.


Jesus come into my conscience, 

and drive out all the familiar spirits, 

that talk me into agreeing with false images, 

in my imagination and memory.


Holy Spirit occupy my conscience.



Jesus I ask you and the Holy Spirit to come into my mind,


and will, 

and instruct,


and encourage me, 

to choose to allow the new person you created me to be,

to fully fill and control my personality.



Jesus drive out the little child,

male servant,

female dominating,

and male dominating spirit from my personality.



Holy Spirit

teach me how to live

and grow up

in the New Person

Jesus created me to be.



Empower me

to choose to live

in the new person

You created me to be.



Jesus come into my emotions and drive out fear,





thoughts of violence,


and so forth.


Drive out insecurity,



thoughts of failing,





thoughts of dying,

or suicide.


Drive out the emotional spirit of death and fill me with the emotional spirit of life.



drive out the physical spirit of death from my body.


Drive out every sickness,


and injury in my body,

and heal every bone,




and organ,

and cell in my body.


I ask you to fill my body with the physical spirit of life.


Jesus drive out every demon of addiction and all their helpers from my spirit,


 and body.



Seal up my spirit,


and body,  so these demons and their helpers can not return to me.



I ask you to drive out doubt, 

and the unbelief that says that You,

the Father,

and the Holy Spirit do not love me.



I ask the Father,


and Holy Spirit to fill my spirit,


and body.


Fill me with your love and let it flow through me and out to other people.


I ask this in the name of the Father,


and Holy Spirit,

Amen and Amen!



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