These Files Are MP3 Player Friendly

Most pages of sound files on this web site are set up such that you can burn a CD.

And, the fact that many people now use an MP3 player has been kept in mind.

Newly uploaded sound files from God’s Love, inc, are mp3 player friendly.

We used to listen to tapes.

We used to listen to CDs

And now a lot of people listen to MP3s.

Size and configuration of these sound files are such that they should be easy for you to download and listen to on your player.


Album names are given to specific selections, reflecting specific CDs I have made.

Playing order is also added to what is called the ID3 tags on the mp3 files in this section.

Hope that makes things easier.

In a parallel subject, I have included Windows Media Player Play Lists Files, suffix .m3u. They should work from the internet. That means each specific project may be listened to on the net, or the sound files and the Play list, may be downloaded. From there, using windows explorer, or my computer, you can right click on the m3u file, and select “add to burn list.” That will open windows media player, and you can burn your own CD from there. Paul.

PS, some MP3 players process Media File Playlists, some do not.