Survival and Homesteading tips from DL.


Original material, exclusive to Survival Primer dot com.  I very seldom find survival files that I don't have saved, somewhere.  A few minutes talking with this man made me realize what he has information not commonly found on the web.


DL Hunting Tips are listed first.  DL Homeplace Tips follow, further down on this index page..    File section started second month of 2005.  More will be added here, over the next few months.


("DL" is a "made-up" set of initials, not having anything to do with a real person's name or real initials.)



Met a man whose family  has "lived off the land."  His father still does.  Stories follow.  This page will grow over time, and pictures will be added.


Of Finnish background, and speaking Finish early in his life, this large, friendly carpenter, whom I call DL, began to talk about his former life in Misery Bay, Michigan.  Some conversations are transcriptions of conversations, and some files DL will be writing himself.  GOOD   MATERIAL.

DL Hunting Tips. 

Note: all tips and ideas are for "survival" use only.  Use of any of them in normal times may get you arrested.   

     Skunk, Geese, Game Birds, Rabbits, Snow Shoes.  This was the first recorded conversation, and gives introduction to both hunting and homeplace tips.

   Trapping;  Fishing; Water Hose Trick; Water Proofing  Your Feet; Porcupines And Saving Your Dog's Nose;  Keeping Your Coffee Hot; Coming out of the Country; Toilet Paper - Used Differently

   few files started here, some of the best

Keeping The "Slicing Edge." Or: Loose Your Belly, Ruin your Knife!


DL Homeplace Tips  As the conversations continue, DL talks about how their homeplace was set up.  Very Good Tips.

   Traditional, from Finland.  Good idea for a cabin, or any self-sustaining shelter.


   Nine to fifteen feet of snow in an "average" winter!


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Index to DL Dangerous     Many of the practices of DL (no one's real name or initials,) and his father, are actually poaching. Tips given here are most certainly illegal, and probably dangerous. Use them at your own risk.  Not Posted on the Web, but on my disks..