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September, 2005.

The New Orleans trauma of 2005 is nothing compared to what may be coming. Expand it by many times, and make it apply to the upper Mississippi, as well, all the way to the Great Lakes, and you have an idea.

The past few years have been relatively mild Hurricane years. People seemed to forget that the area around the city they were settling in was formerly wetlands. As I write this, New Orleans is 80% under water, and they are going to have to evacuate the Entire City.

Like people settling in the former wetlands around New Orleans, people have settled all-along the Mississippi, forgetting the past.

People have forgotten that the Midwest was the center of what may have been the largest Earthquake in American history, in the early 1800s. The soil is still the same, and the New Madrid fault has continually had tremors, throughout our history.

Mississippi Valley Earthquake

Imagine having to evacuate the entire Mississippi-river shores, all the way up. Pollution and sickness and disease will be many times greater than what is about to be in New Orleans.

Imagine one-third of the United States population as refugees.

I will write more about this, but am unable to continue at this time. There is a lump in my throat and my emotions are running high.

Paul Phillips

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How do we prepare? New Orleans Preparation Page.

Page started the week of the trauma in New Orleans.

Response to questions being raised. How do we prepare?






Praise God for His wondrous works, Praise Him for His Holy Name. The trauma in New Orleans is causing people to pay attention, to include me. Several files I had in my general files were not listed on my web site, and they are now. This email reflects that.

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Sunday, September 4, 2005.

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Favorite quotes or incidents surrounding the New Orleans trauma:

After regular standing-army troops were sent into the city:

“ I hope that the looters understand that members of the 82nd Airborne Division DO NOT LIKE BEING SHOT AT. ”

It is about 8Am as I write this, and I just watched Campbell Brown, on TV, give the Mayor of New Orleans “down the road,” as we say in North Carolina, about taking responsibility for what happened in New Orleans.

He “hemmed and hawed, “ and she was visibly upset at him. After spending days on the ground in the middle of the problems, she did a good job of forgetting political correctness, and acting as a compassionate woman. Hats off to Campbell Brown.


The above leads into two topics I want to talk about, this Sunday morning, but first a more important one. I got a letter from someone who actually lives in the Midwest, near what may be the Earthquake Zone. I did not think that anyone would actually listen to me, and it seems I scared this one lady. Lets deal with the fear, a little, and how to cope with it. Remember that fear does not come from God.

Jpeg picture with a map overview, and links to more of the story of past quakes.

No one knows if and when such a quake will occur, or how bad it will be.

Chicago Earthquake Prophesies of the 1970's

If I were living in the effected areas, there are a number of points I would consider. ( I say consider, but I mean to ask God about)

1) Seek out and receive Jesus as Lord. Ask Him to lead me in an area He wanted to.

2) Taking steps are little harder. Let me draw from my own experiences: If you are being led to get out of the area, then make sure it is God talking to you. Check it and confirm it, and ask God to genuinely lead you and correct you. God loves you more than you can ever imagine, and HE will faithfully lead you. Do not let Satan scare you, and run you off.

3) At the very least, begin to pack in some extra food and water. Keep on hand three-days worth, a weeks worth, three weeks worth, three months worth, whatever you can afford. Start slowly, and be in prayer. Do what little you can, today, and build from there. Get an extra gas can to carry in your car, but do not store Gas in your house or apartment or trailer.

Some good references:

The Prudent Food Storage FAQ, v3.5

Water Treatment FAQ Pat Turner

Water Storage Container FAQ

4) Seek out other like-minded people, or be open to God bringing them your way. I have met people all over the country who did not know me, and had the same leadings and directions. The others may have friends in other parts of the country, and you may be able to network with them. I must stress again to be asking God, and not man about these things.

5) Consider carefully and prayerfully some sort of self defense. It is important to note that we are concerned with self-defense, only.

There is no legal or Biblical problem with that. Be in prayer about the whole subject. If you are going to get a firearm, then get help and training. Learn your local laws, and abide by them.

I have heard that storing more than 1000 rounds of ammo makes you liable for prosecution as a Militia. Be in prayer about that. Remember that the LORD is your defense, but take heed to what I am saying.

Survival Notes, a book by George C Riggs

6) Please note that what happened to New Orleans might be considered a “love tap” compared with what is coming to the Midwest. It is only a matter of time. God is giving you a warning, take it,

7) You know, I was a little bothered when I found out I might have scared some people about the Midwest. WAKE UP PEOPLE. This nation is under God’s judgment.

The problem in New Orleans is that YOU CAN NOT deal with it in any fast, or humane way. The Government is not your protector, God is.

Find your place in Him, through Jesus Christ, and get out of the way, in the MIDWEST. I don’t want you to be afraid, there are many stories about people being saved by god in the midst of problems.

You need to consider prayerfully moving out of the areas. Afterwards, and for years Afterwards, the area will become uninhabitable.

If I upset you, I meant to, turn go to God for new Life, through Jesus Christ.




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