What Would This Man Say?


Ivan James Phillips in 1943, senior in high school.

The last few years have been rough for me. Tonight, as if by the hand of God I found a picture of my father.  Apparently a senior in High School, Phelps High School, New York State, USA. 

Back then, dad had yet to know he was going to war. At eighteen, not long after this picture must have been taken, he signed up for the United States Army. Surprisingly, just after signing him up, they sent him home, on leave, for a month, to “get his affairs in order.” 

Dad told me later that he was badly frightened by that. Could remember it, decades later. That was World War II.

What would this man say about the supposed hard times I think I am having. What would this young man think about all this?

He was yet to serve in World War II and Korea. Yet to meet my mother in raise two kids and spend twenty years as a soldier.

He was yet to have a heart attack in the 1970s, when I was home on Christmas leave from my own short army carrier.

US Army Berlin Brigade, was my assignment. Meant that both Dad and I have a similar US Occupation medal, for Germany. In the 1970s we were still occupying Berlin. What would this young man think about that?

He was yet to work for the Government, and have to retire from it after the heart attack. Yet to live a long life, and wind up dying in his own living room, with the family there, in the 1990s.


Yet to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery with full Military Honors.  I can still hear the guns. 


The man in command handed my mother a United States Flag and said:  This is on behalf of the President of the United States, and a grateful Nation.  Tears well up again as I write.


I think I have problems, but I am not done with life, yet.  Nor is it done with me.

The picture of the young man, full of hope, is inspiring to me. Makes me want to get up and try, again, no matter what.


Loved that old man, I did, and he loved me.  No, not a great man or a perfect one, but my dad.


No one understood me quite like he did.

Will continue this later, tomorrow I need to go out and look for a job.  Dad would be pleased.




Linked full size file of this picture for my family, if they wish to print it.




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Pictures Keep Popping Up.


Moved the box and this one came to the top. It was just lying there, after I closed the box.









That would make him a Tech 5, in the Communications Zone, Europe.


Though he was trying look stern, does not look that much different from his High School Picture, the year before.























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My mother died on Monday, November 20th, 2006.

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  What would dad think about some of what is happening today.