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Fear Based Faith

Paul's article

Title for Dwight's Jester's first draft of his article:

Do You Live Your Life out of Fear Based Faith or Love Based Faith?

During the writing of this journal entry, I have been talking with my pastor on the phone. At least some of what he was saying will be in this in this entry. That is my aim, anyway, as I believe it to be a genuine revelation from the LORD that will help all of us in these troubled times.

Monday, Labor Day, 1:53 PM, Old Wagon Road, Yadkinville, North Carolina. My name is Paul Phillips.

For years, in our little church, I have brought in Christian music to play Sunday, on the church stereo. Many times, what music I brought went "right along" with what the pastor would speak about.

He would write about what the Holy Spirit showed him, and I, separately would bring in music that the Holy Spirit impressed on me to bring. We were in "one accord," though we had not talked to each other during the week.

This past Friday evening I was feeling kinda lonely, and talked to the LORD about it. Putting on some music to play that I had left on the stereo, one song impressed me.

"Draw me from fear, into faithfulness

Lead me along your ways .....

continuing later:

"Draw me from hate into charity

From restlessness into Your peace

Draw me from anger into gentleness

Till every storm in my life shall cease"

(Deeper and Deeper, by Morris Chapman and Claire Conniger, from Live Worship with Morris Chapman and the Maranatha! Singers.)

Sure enough, I heard the still small voice of the LORD tell me, twice, to play this music Sunday at church. He said it twice.

Now, unknown to me, my pastor had returned early from a vacation, with chest pains, that the LORD showed him were from stress, not a heart condition. The LORD began to show that man of God that much of his faith was based on fear, and not the acceptance of Gods' love.

Sunday, after the music played, my pastor spoke about having a Fear Based Faith or a Faith based on recognizing the Love of God.

One Example

That same Friday I had also been bothered by the "fact" that it looked like my bills were not going to be paid at the end of this coming month. Despite being back to work, it appeared to me that I was going to be short.

Fear gripped me, saying that I could not possibly make it. Who was I to trust God in this instance?

The only thing wrong with that is that I have been trusting God for at least some thirty years and He has never failed me. I never have extra money to speak of.

What is wrong with me, I thought?

What bothered me is that I had just come through six months of unemployment, with little or no real financial problems. God had been faithful, and here was I being afraid again.

(Let me assure you, upon checking my account today, I find there to be a little, but not much extra beyond my bills. Praise God!) That Friday evening I was almost unconsolable, even though the Holy Spirit was trying to calm me down.

My fear was that something bad was going to happen to me, and God was not going to take care of me. Truthfully, among ourselves we can admit to having far more fears about such things POSSIBLY happening then turn out to ACTUALLY happen.

That is having faith in God based on a fear. (What I am doing is taking a stab at clarifying what we are talking about, by examples.)

Let me give another example.

I drive a 2001 Silverado truck, now with some 40, 000 miles on it. (Got it in late 2000.) Sunday, as I parked on the steep grade in front of our church, (there are a lot of steep grades in this part of the country,) the emergency brake failed to hold me. Immediately, in my mind, it was going to cost me a lot of money I did not have, and was going to have to go the shop during some work time I could not afford to miss.

The emergency brake worked after Church, when I tested it, and has worked the times I have tested it since. I will keep an eye on it. No repairs are needed at this time.

Again, my fears were talking at great length about what bad thing were going to happen. I believe that people in my family think about things like that a lot.

If we are not careful, when we come to God, we carry over our fears into our faith and look at God and His Kingdom that way.

There are Christian songs that urge us to "think about His Love, think about His Mercy, think about His Faith, that brought us through. For great is the Heaven above, and great is the Measure of our Father's Love." These are what we should think about, and do not often do.


Now, don't think I understand what I am talking about. God does, I don't. My prayer is that I choose to live out of the Love based faith of God, rather then the Fear Based Faith, actually from Satan. I pray this in Jesus' Name. I receive fully the New Person that comes from God to be able to live in the Love based Faith of God. I receive fully the revelation of the Power, and the Authority, and the Love that Jesus Christ has for me. In Jesus Name, Amen.


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