Several documents apparently no longer available without charge, on the net.  Because of size they are only on my DVD copy of the web site.  All the files on this page total about 160 megabytes. 


  opens on web as well

  Main DJVU document.  PDF version is 145 megs, not on this disk.  About fifteen megabytes.

opens on web as well

opens on web as well


  only example I know of this one.  Made a PDF copy, of some 200 plus megabyte size, not on this disk.   About fifteen megabytes.


   The DJVU copy, and the one from the tiff files have slight differenced in clarity.   Here because the book is so important.  15 megs

  about sixty megs

  about fifty megs.  Clearest pictures I have from this book.  May need to upgraded other pictures from web pages.


Below on Web site and  DVD

NUCLEAR WAR SURVIVAL SKILLS, CONSOLIDATED    link to my main files about this book

Interactive Archived Web Pages Nuclear War Survival Skills  menu at left works.




  plug in for the DJVU reader.