Written the Sunday Morning before the Web site opens:

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 Well, Welcome!

Come on in and set down. Having spent a long day or two on beginning this web site, I am a little tired, myself. Looks to be about 94 megabytes at present, so it will take me about five or six hours on my server to get all the material downloaded. Have a little patience if not everything opens up, the first day.

Today is February 15, 2004, and I am sitting in a restaurant in the Piedmont Area of North Carolina, working on a laptop computer, as I write this. It is amazing to think of how many people I may be talking to, this first morning.

It being Sunday, let me pray for you. It won't hurt. My prayer is that God lead you in His Paths and show you His truths, and remind you that He loves you. Now then, that didn't hurt, did it?

Talking about God leading you in your path's, I made an amazing discovery, late last night. The way in which I am producing this web site allows me to simultaneously create a CD with the web site on it. At present, all you do is open the first file on the disk and survivalprimer.com opens up. Next step will be to create an autorun file on the disk so that all you have to do is put it in your CD drive, and it will open up automatically.

I will sell you a copy of the CD that results for ten dollars. If you can't pay that, let me know, I may just send you one, anyway. The material here is not here for me to make money on. I am not selling any of the public domain material on this web site to anyone, only recouping some costs. As I said, probably ten dollars will be alright, and you can just ask for the CD for free, or give me more than ten dollars for it, if you want to. What would be good is for one member of a church or group to ask for a CD, and just make copies of it for your friends to use. I really want to get this information out. In my church, I just give out CDs.

Be assured that I am actually writing this while sitting at breakfast. People keep walking by and smiling at me, while I am typing into the computer. I must look happy. I am really enjoying this. This whole site will be fun, and helpful. God has given me a gift for both writing, and computers. You can believe it or not, I won't care, but what I mostly do is write what the LORD is leading me. There will be no apologies for that.

There are a bunch of people to mention a "thank you" to. This will be in no particular order, so don't think that if I leave you out, or mention you ahead of someone else, it indicates a level of importance. Two people, Harrietta and Pat, have contributed much needed funds when they could not have known I needed them. Harrietta, who I only know through email, is probably my staunchest supporter. John ( I do not habitually give out more than first names) was materially instrumental in getting this web site up. Now you can stop bugging me, John. Dwight my pastor has saved my life both literally and physically many times, through ministering the Truth that is Jesus, the Messiah, to me. You will find both his writings, literally, and things I learned from him, throughout this site.

It was a long time ago, now, when I left Maryland to begin my "quest." My thought was: "If God was leading me, then He would provide for me. " With little money and few friends, I set out. (Actually, all other doors where slammed in my face and all that was left was to go on and trust God.)

I can not actually remember the whole song, or find the story in the Bible I want to reference in this paragraph, but no matter. The story and song were sung at the New Feast, in Chicago, in the 1970's. The upshot of the story, or song, was that a group of people did not want to leave when God told them to, and a swarm of hornets came up. (I think it is from the Bible.) The point of the song was that "God will not make you do anything, He justs makes you willing to go."

Well, I need to go on to Church, this morning, but want to leave you with a link to the Road of Life Story, from the internet

The Road of Life


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