Recommending the Health Walker Plus

Just got a Health Walker Plus, (no that is not me in the picture.)  One internet source is under the link below.

Health Walker Plus & Healthwalker Parts

I got mine at a consignment shop, for a very, very low price.  On the net, price runs more like this:








Why do I like it? To begin with, mine newly takes up the central part of my living room, in front of the TV.   Whenever I wish, or whenever the spirit moves me, I relieve a little stress, and get a little exercise.

The exercise can be hard, or easy, as you choose. You can stand as the model is in the picture, and move both arms and legs, in a rhythm, without stress on your bones and ligaments.  You can also remove the black upper-things she is holding, and lean on the rail, and walk easily that way.  Advantage seems to come for me when leaning forward, quite strongly on the rail, and walking easily.  Uses different types of muscles.

When  you use the arms-and-legs together, on this thing, you push and kick at the same time.   The exercise is like none-other, and the rear kick of the legs feels like you are flying.

Too heavy to run, as I used to love to do, this machine has allowed me, in about half-a-week, to simulate running, get my heart rate up, and tone up.  Uh, lets just say there is noticeable tightening of things up, since Wednesday, and this is Saturday.

As low-impact as it can be, the Health Walker seems to exercise my core.  Pushing it much harder than they recommend, I have both-worked-up-a-sweat, and increased my mental clarity when sitting at this desk.   A construction worker for years,  sitting or standing in one place for long, seems to get to me.  This machine allows you to simulate everything from a gentle walk, to a super-running-style exercise, as you wish, or are able.

I got mine for $25, at a consignment shop, when I just made them an offer.  You will not probably find that good a price, but I must say, that even at a couple-of-hundred-dollars, if you use the machine, your money will be well spent.  (After writing this article, found that used sports gear places may sell it for around forty dollars.  ($40)

For arm-chair Survivalists, this is a good tool towards getting ready to hike and climb.



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