What is a Gill Net?

In reading:


Wilderness Survival Handbook, by Alan Fry: ISBN 0312147635; LCCN 96-024863


I found a reference to something called a “gill net.” He recommended that you keep one in your- readily- available- survival- kit.


A “gill net” was also included in a list of what must be kept in survival kits on planes over-flying wilderness areas, according to Canadian Law. (Reference the same book, at the back.) A little while ago I found this on page 233:


John " Lofty" Wiseman; The SAS Survival Handbook; ISBN 0 00 26531407

Gill net

Make a net with a mesh size of about 4cm (1 ½ in) between knots (see Netting in Camp Craft), set floats at the top and weight the bottom, then stretch it across a river.

Fish swimming into it get caught by the gills. It is lethal and will soon empty a stretch of water so should not be used for long in an area where you intend to stay (or in a non-survival situation). If the ends of the net are tied to the banks at both top and bottom, weights and floats will not be needed.

A gill net can be anchored on, each bank, (supported by weights and floats (a), or tied to fixed posts. If it is angled across the line of the current (b) there is less likelihood of driftwood building up against it.