God's Commando Army

      Pat sent this to me. I thought it was important enough to share with the whole group. It certainly fits the vision I have had for more than 20 years, almost down to the last detail. I hope this give you more understanding of our purpose as we prepare for community. In Him, Dwight,


     Here is an article about communities. The Lord is having me to pray for these farms and lands to be released into the hands of God's people. Blessing out of victory, Pat

To: "Prophetic List" <prophetic@revival.gen.nz> Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1998 From: senecal@sover.net

Subject: God's Commando Army.


     I am writing in response to recent articles by yourself, Robert Holmes, the prophesy by Ron McKenzie, and others regarding God's Commando Army, the "Street people revival", etc.. Your most recent comments from March 20,1998 and attached prophecy "The Commando Army" by Ron McKenzie stirred many things up in my memory.

My spirit is whole heartedly in agreement with the things that God is saying throughout the world right now about this end time move of His Spirit. I am continually blessed by the way the Lord is speaking to many, confirming consistently, through so many, specifically through the Prophetic Disc. List.

     As I've been reading several of these most recent articles, I have been reminded of dreams and visions that I received many years ago. Almost since the beginning of my Spirit filled days, the Lord began giving me dreams and some visions that I will call "last days" in subject. Several were along similar lines, I would see gorilla / commando type soldiers.

In one dream, these soldiers were going into cities and helping Christians escape to the more rural areas. In the cities there were other soldiers that I perceived to be government troops, policing the residents of the cities, in some cases arresting Christians, especially those that were considered a threat or those tuned in by the "established churches". At one point, I was one of the gorilla soldiers helping people to escape. We had to be very careful not to be seen as we worked our way from building to building and eventually to the edge of the city where it was easier to hide from view.  

       In other dreams and visions I would see the underground / commando soldiers functioning like those in the days of the "underground railroad" in the US during the Civil War. They would have to smuggle people on back roads, through heavy woods, in truck loads of merchandise and so on. Most, it seemed, had waited too long before deciding to leave for safer places, places where Christians had begun to gather themselves in small groups / communities of varying size in mostly rural settings.

Before I go further, let me say that I am not an alarmist, the sky is falling, run for the hills person, and I am not saying that we should all become self sufficient / survivalists. However, I do believe that some Christians have become complacent and comfortable and may very well be caught completely off guard if they don't begin to see the signs and listen and heed the warnings.


     Many of us will have to flee where we are and go where the Spirit of the Lord shows us, and many of us will be used to help those that are fleeing. Ultimately, the only true, safe place will be "In the Lord", right where HE has you.

       Around the same time that I was receiving these type dreams and visions, God began to speak to my wife and I about places of refuge and dwelling. Some of this came through more dreams and visions. He began to tell us of places like small farms with many cabin type buildings and barns for meeting. He spoke to me many times about groups of primarily men who would go into the cities like these gorilla soldiers and take groups of these Christians out to these small farms in the country.

Some of these soldiers would even go into the cities and preach the gospel by the direction of the Holy Spirit, and then quickly disappear back to the country places. I don't know if you've ever seen the movie "Red Dawn" or any other movie like it but that's what it was like. It was hit and run tactics, secretive, underground, gorilla / commando warfare tactics by Christians that knew how to listen and heed and obey the Spirit of God. In a recent dream that I had, there were fields filled with people in tents. Some of these fields were in the mountains in wooded areas and others were on these farm type properties.

There was NOT a sense of panic or fear of being discovered but rather a wonderful feeling of fellowship and victory. We believe that these places will spring up everywhere, in every country in the very near future, if they don't already exist. We believe that Christians that already have the resources, whether physical or financial, must begin to release them to the Lord and to the Body of Christ. Again, I do not believe that we need to fear anything, or that we need to RUN but I believe that God is giving great wisdom for us for the last days.

     I think that I have said enough for now, I trust that God will use this to bless and encourage and challenge any who read it. Thank you and God bless.


      In Christ, Alan

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