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Love Letter from God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit.

Written down by Debbie Lawrence; March 1, 1994

After 24 hours of praying without ceasing for a repentant heart: this message from The Lord.

The day you were born - Remember when you had Sarah - how happy you were? You cried tears of joy? Look at Me, I loved you so much, I sent you to your parents. And you've asked Me, why didn't I have different parents? I gave you to your parents because I knew what they were - they had darkness and death over them, ancestral bondage, curses and covenants galore and I knew you would inherit all of that. But I also knew every step your life would take and I knew you would see My truth someday and you would pray for yourself and your parents that those things would be broken, that you would untie My hands that had been bound so long over your family.

I knew you would have a son that would have pain and suffering such as you have had, but knew you would unbind My hands that have been tied over you and him and break all those covenants, and over his Father's family too. Look at the prayers that you have prayed! Do you think they go unnoticed? Do you think, when you prayed them, they went to the clouds and boomeranged back down to the ground? Every righteous prayer that you have prayed is recorded in heaven - Look, see them on the scrolls!

They are here with Me, more important they ARE ME, the righteous prayers ARE ME. Do you think when you pray and its asked of Me I say, " Debbie - not now - don't pray now - I'm busy with someone else!" ? No - every righteous prayer is recorded in heaven and they ARE ME. Think back to the time that you used to pray and nothing was happening. Those were not righteous prayers, they were prayers from you pretending to be Me - deciding what you thought out to happen, but I knew you would see the truth - you did and the righteous prayers began.

Remember your marriages? I was there too, watching you choose with My hands tied.

When you pray a righteous prayer and I start dealing with you, it starts to make you feel uncomfortable, you close your heart and stop Me. Its like putting handcuffs on Me. But see, I know you. I know you will choose. Quit stopping Me. Open your heart, let Me clean it, from one end to the other, top to bottom until you are totally receptive to Me. You have not known a greater love than I. Ask Me to give you a responsive heart and a repentant heart and a loving heart.

You lean on doctors, friends, work, husband, children, anything but Me to love you and I loved you first. When you have My love you can deal with any situation that befalls you. You will stand with Me in your backbone and your heart and you won't fall. You'll stand as tall and mighty as a mountain and you won't crumble. You will stand taller than you have ever stood in your life and you won't falter. You know I love you, but you don't realize how much! But here's something you don't know. I trust you. I trust the righteousness in you.

I trust you with My Life, I gave it to you so you could give to others. I trust you to choose Me. I trust you to love Me. Now I want you to trust Me.

If Jesus can trust you with His Life, surely you can trust Him with yours!

Come boldly before the Throne of Righteousness, anything asked in My Name WILL BE DONE, do you hear that?, it WILL BE DONE, no ifs, ands, buts about it, it WILL BE DONE!

You will become a receptacle for Me, a living, breathing pitcher. I will fill you with Me, fill you up, overflowing, until it spills out, pours out, flows out to the world, everyone you come in contact with, so they will have a chance to know Me. The message will be "Choose Me, oh Please choose Me!"

Sarah's book:

  No I'm not a robot

  I may accept or refuse

  Yes, God really loves me

  So He lets me choose.

Reach out and grasp My Hand, - the Hand of the Almighty God, do not let go, don't pull it away from Me. I have everything you will ever need, every desire that you have in My Kingdom will be fulfilled in you and it will pour out to others. Look upon My Throne, behold the Majestic Power and Presence of Your Father. Do you realize that I AM your Father? I'm the One Who created you and loved you since the beginning. Look at My Kingdom, Look upon My Face, you will inherit all of this because you are Mine, you belong to Me.

Look at My Tenderness, Mercy, and Compassion. I AM what you've been searching for all your life and you've found it in Me. I AM a jealous God - I do not want Satan to have you! And he can't have you, as long as you choose Me as Your Father. I WILL do for you what nothing or no one else CAN do for you - Love you, Shield you, Protect you, Give you Light, Life, Power, Peace, Joy and Love.

All you have to do is choose to take it and to share it!

Signed and Sealed

God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit

P.S. How do you think I feel when I lose one of My Children to Satan?



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Debbie, with Sarah.  I think this was the day before Sarah was born.