I know that this section is supposed to be about things I write, but this came up, and is needed for your reference. Many things I write get their inspiration from what I have read

Short List of Survival - Type Books


Most of this first section were purchased “pre Y2K”

Camper's Guide to Outdoor Cooking John G. Ragsdale

ISBN 0-88415-603-6

Field book from the Boy Scouts of America, ISBN 0-8395-3200-8

John Wiseman SAS Survival Guide; ISBN 0 00 470 1674

(abridged, pocket sized)

John "Lofty" Wiseman; The SAS Survival Handbook; ISBN 0 00 26531407, (unabridged)

US Army Survival Manual FM 21-76; ISBN 1-56619-022-3, (the 1970 version, one of the best)

US Army Survival Manual FM 21-76 ISBN 1-56619-022-3 (reprint of 1998 version)

Tom Brown's WILDERNESS SURVIVAL ISBN 0-425-10572-5


Alan Fry’s book seems to be changing my point of view on the subjects coming under “survival”

Wilderness Survival Handbook, by Alan Fry ISBN 0312147635 LCCN 96-024863


Mr Fry recommends that you do not depend on “survival manuals” for plant identification.

These were purchased “pre-Y2K”

Bradford Angier; Field Guide to EDIBLE WILD PLANTS

ISBN 0-8117-2018-7

Peterson Field Guides; A Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants;

ISBN 0-395-92622-X

Peterson Field Guides; A Field Guide to Medicinal Plants and Herbs Of Eastern and Central

 North America; ISBN 0-395-98814-4


My newest area of interest is tracking in general (June 2001)

Peterson Field Guides; A Field Guide to Animal Tracks; Olaus J. Murie; ISBN 0-395-91094-3

 (In talking about preparing for hunting, on page 168, Alan Fry of “Wilderness Survival Handbook,” ISBN 0312147635, says that he makes constant use of the above book. As he, a life-long outdoors-man profits by it, then the rest of us will.)

The SAS Guide to Tracking; Bob Carss; ISBN 1-58574- 031-4

2003 notes: these were not discussed on the earlier paper:

How to Stay Alive in the Woods / by Bradford Angier

ISBN: 0684831015

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Trade

Very good, available as paperback and rubber coated hard-cover edition with larger print and expanded Wild Plants pictures section.

The Outdoor Survival Handbook, Raymond Maers, 1993 edition.

ISBN 0 - 312 - 09359 - 4

Again, highly recommended. This one gives you pictures of what the others talk about.

United States Air Force Search And Rescue Survival Training

ISBN 1-58663-722-3 (You can either phone in or walk in most book stores and order a book.)


“For bulk purchases and special sales, please contact: Michael Friedman Publishing Group, Inc. Attention: Sales Department 230 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10001 Phone 212/685-6610 FAX 212/685-3916

Good, 600 pages, around $14 -a “ reproduction of the original Search and Rescue manual, AF Regulation 64-4, originally issued by the United States' Department of the Air Force has been updated with new images and accompanying appendix by the publishers.”