Should I keep going?

These things have gone on for quite a while, in my life.  Yesterday, Saturday morning, this particular version of my first Survival Primer web site, was essentially finished.  It fills up most of one CD, for my use and others who may want one.

What I mean by these things, is talking about and preparing for, the destruction of America.  When I came to the LORD, that first day or the next, I could see myself walking through a devastated America, carrying a Bible.  I was only about sixteen, or so.

The "vision" I had came at first light, that is upon first becoming a Christian.  I never had heard of such a thing, before it happened to me, and it has never gone away.

However, what does happen is that I loose my way, sometimes.  Things seem normal, and that they will always appear to be normal.  Or, am I like this man, from the Bible:

"This is what the Lord says to me: Post a watchman. Have him report whatever he sees.  He will see chariots, pairs of horsemen, riders on donkeys, and riders on camels. Let him watch carefully, very carefully.  The watchman called, "Sir, I stand on the watchtower every day. Every night, I stand guard at my post.  Look! Here come chariots and horsemen in pairs." Then he said, "Babylon has fallen! It has fallen! All the idols they worship lie shattered on the ground." You, my people, have been threshed and winnowed. I make known to you what I heard from the LORD of Armies, the God of Israel. "

Isaiah 21:6-10 God's Word Translation


Is it my job to just keep talking to people, most of whom neither listen of perceive what I am saying, may be true?  There are a lot of "nuts" out there. 

I read one man's web site, or as much of it as I could take.  This guy claims to be BOTH a literal, Holy Angel, and the reincarnation of the Prophet Daniel.  The web site is slick, and cleaner than mine is.  You almost begin to believe this nut, before you start laughing.

My point is that I am none of these type of things.  I am just a plain carpenter who has had a word from the LORD.   Shall I keep writing about these things, or not?   Paul