Expressions from the Heart

Tuesday, October 12, 2004.


I started to make this an email, but decided to link it as a page on my site. I don’t have permission to quote the lady, but hope she does not mind. There are many poems on her site. What follows is the email as I started writing it:


This second day of looking for work, God has richly blessed me.  First, He had me put on my saved music library, some 14 hours, 14 minutes, and 51 seconds worth, on "shuffle," and just let the computer play it as I prepare for the coming day.


(Read down to the end of the page for a brief story of how that went.)


The song "My God and Father" greatly blessed me, and I started what I thought was a search for the words.  In the process, I found this site.


Finding  Expressions of the Heart,  has uplifted me.   Visit the main page, and the links, she has pictures with her poems. Read some of her work I have given you here.


When we get to heaven, or if we choose to now, we can both look down on the problems, and Praise God for his Presence.




Main Site: Looks to be a couple of hundred more poems there:


Expressions from the Heart


Go to the link and visit, she has pictures!






Be Still and Know that He is God



The powerful paining below is

" The Lamb", by Stephen S. Sawyer

Used with permission


If you feel far away from God,

He's not the One who moved…

He loves you still the same today

And longs to be with you.


If you can’t sense Him in your heart

The way you did before…

He’s never left you all alone;

It’s you who closed the door.


If you can’t find the words to pray

And bring His presence near…

Close your eyes and just be still;

And know that God is here.

© Copyright 2002 Jill Lemming

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Special Footprints




Those Special Footprints


There’s footprints left upon my heart

From people I have met…

The one’s who’ve touched me in a way

That I will not forget.


A gentle word, a kindness shown,

Some laughter we have shared…

Special places we have been;

These footprints take me there.


So when I’m feeling lost and blue

As sometimes I might be…

Then I’ll reach softly towards my heart,

Where footprints comfort me.

© Copyright 2003 Jill Lemming


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It Begins With You and Me




It Begins With You And Me

Search me, O God, and know my heart;

Try me, and know my anxieties;

And see if there is any wicked way in me,

And lead me in the way everlasting.

(Psalm 139)



Becoming Christ-like in our hearts

begins with you and me...

serving humbly, as He served

in peace and harmony.


Shedding all our selfish ways

and putting on His skin...

understanding who we are

in relationship to Him.

Giving up our own control,

forgetting our own needs...

being Christ-like in our hearts

begins with you and me.

© Copyright 2000 Jill Lemming



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Time For Jesus






Time For Jesus




We find the time for many things
That fill our busy days…
But how much time do we allow
When it comes time to pray?


Jesus wants the best from us
And not what’s left to use…
He deserves a place above
The things we often choose.


So start each day upon your knees
With Jesus on your mind…
then other things will fade away
and only He will shine.


Only Jesus brings us joy
Unspeakable and true…
Find some time to spend with Him
And He’ll find time for you.




© Copyright 2002 Jill Lemming



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and finally, the first one I found...


I Believe...

I believe in God the Father,

in His Spirit and His Son...

I know the love He’s given

I’ve seen the work He’s done.

I’ve felt His presence near me,

I’ve heard His beckoned call...

I believe His light is shining,

and He loves us one and all.

Forever I will serve Him,

His will is my desire...

with honor I will praise Him

as I seek His holy fire...

I believe in God the Father,

in His Spirit and His Son...

and I pray that I will please Him

until my life on

earth is done.


© Copyright 1998 Jill Lemming


Home Page:

Expressions from the Heart




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May God Richly Bless You, As He Has Me, This Day.







How the rest of the "above" day went:


First, letter from Jill Leblanc, who wrote the above poems:


From: Jill LeBlanc

Hi Paul,
It blesses me to know that you were inspired by my site. Thank you for letting me know.
When God closes a door, He opens a window! Hang in there and let God do the rest!







That Tuesday, the afternoon of the day I first discovered your site, and featured it,
I walked into a local contractors office and he hired me on the spot.

The previous Friday had been my last day at the other company.

Tuesday, the following week, I was hired by a different company,

and had a better job.

The LORD is indeed good. I think I will continue to pray for His leading
for the rest of my life. 


There is no reason for me to try to manage my life,

when the Holy Spirit can do it so much better.

I do indeed like your site, and beyond liking it, see the LORD In it.
It will take me a while to read it all, and I will probably save it to
a disk.

Thank you again: