Notes upon a folding shovel. Pictures taken, need to be processed.

The folding shovels I bought last week are almost identical to the US military issued one I bought about twenty years ago. The strength seems to be the same, in fact, they feel a little heavier. A series of pictures of the type of folding shovel I recommend are at the bottom of the main page of

We have used the original folding shovel I have many times, on the construction site. ( The Camouflaging paint scheme was added in recent years.) A couple of things to note, with such a shovel. Unfolding it has to be done in order. First you bend out the handle, shaped like a tri-angle, and fold it flat. Then you fold out that whole mechanism, and it will open easily. To keep the shovel in shape, screw the ring back down tight on the shovel head.

Many times I have used the shovel in the right-angle configuration. In form work, and cleaning out small pits, in construction, the angled point on the tool works well.

I have used the entrenching tool to chop dead limbs. It has a some-what serrated side and front edge. You might want to sharpen it some, with a file. The military advocates using such a tool as an emergency weapon.

The case, in the picture, was separately purchased for about eight dollars, at an Army Surplus Store.


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