Email Correspondence.  Telling you more about myself, and encouraging you to talk to me.


Got this email, the other day.

Hi Paul,

I really need to get hold of QV4 which will work with XP on a Dell, but the links all seem to be broken.

Can you help please?

Robin ......   (I have omitted her last name.)


I found I had deleted the file she wanted, when forced to "slim down" my web space, and uploaded it back, and it worked for her.  (On a side note, I can now re-build the web site back to the size it was, so look for any links not working to come back.  A couple of people have written for things like that, and I am glad to help.)

Turns out the person wanting the help, was in Perth, Australia.  I live in the center section of North Carolina, We were about thirteen hours apart, yet wrote "back and forth," at the same time.

A little correspondence has opened up, and I am posting my last reply, omitting any email addresses but mine, or last names.  The reply, written personally to Robin, whom I have not met, wound up talking more about what my life was like, than I expected it would be.  In writing, a good method, or device, is to write as if you were talking to just one person.  I was, in this case, but am going to share with you-all.  Paul.

Saturday, January 15, 2005


The first thing that comes to mind is that I am on one side of the world, and you are on the other. It is about 1:30 in the morning, here, which makes it about 2:30 in the afternoon there, if I understand it. Yet, we can communicate almost instantly, if both are on the web.

That means that we can join in prayer virtually around the clock, for whatever the LORD might lead, on different days, at the same time, on the same planet. ( I enjoyed writing that.)

I will look on the web about Australia. The daughter of a friend of mine had someone she was fellowshipping with in Australia, and I need to contact her.

I think most people, thinking about how it is there, remember the movie "Crocodile Dundee", yet know it is a "bit of fiction," and a lot of fun.

I did watch some PBS special on small trains, or something, and remember some reference to Perth, and how built up the area is. I had thought, and it sounds like from what you are saying, that "just a lot of people," are centered in certain coastal, built-up areas, in large cities.

As for me I am a carpenter who lives in North Carolina. I  am 52 and have been a carpenter since I was about 30. At that time I gave up my "old ways," and finally asked the LORD what he wanted me to do. Wound up being a carpenter, and have been one ever since.

Problems recently have been changing jobs, and my health.  I am having to re-do my whole eating regimen, and "up my nutrition." I actually felt that I might be about to die, a couple of weeks ago. Seems that the LORD was giving me a "look into the future," if I did not turn things around.

My people were military, so I moved around a lot. Born in Italy of American Parents, on active duty, I am a citizen of the USA. My only time out of the US was being stationed in Berlin, Germany, in the late 1970s. The point is that I have lived outside this little community, and realize that no place is actually "that much" different than any other.

I did find Europe of a different "flavor" and "tenor" than the states. I imagine that Australia is somewhat like both.

I actually live on the edge of what is called the "Piedmont,"  or "Triad Area", of North Carolina. The Triad is Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and High-Point, all considered as an "urban" area.
As such, it is larger than many US cities. I call it "urban," because it is not really that big, as was the Washington DC area, where I essentially grew up. The people are nicer here, and know God. That is, many of them do. People are generally friendlier in this region of the country.

I live in a more rural area, to the west of the Triad, towards the Mountains of Western North Carolina. I am glad, every time I leave those areas, to be out here.

You may gather, from my web site, that years ago, I had a vision of the United States devastated. True or not, the LORD has used that, and many other events, to lead me toward them. I actually
left Maryland, (Washington DC area,) believing that the LORD would take care of me.

I was, however, about 28, and more prone to taking chances. What I have learned, and need to talk about more on my site, is that God is in control, and will take care of us. We often do not
see that in common occurrences, in every day life, but he is indeed there.

You don't realize how your email has helped me. I was feeling a little like a failure, and of no use, when you wrote about the file for QuickVerse. My father had given me my first copy of
Quickverse 2, for DOS, off of an older computer he no longer used.

My father has been dead about six years, but my Pastor and I get along like my father and I did. He gave me an older copy of QuickVerse 4, which would not work on his XP computer.

Rambling on, dad gave me an old computer about ten years ago. Now at the LORD's teaching, I am somewhat accomplished, and people call me for technical help. All this goes to a good association
with the bible program, and the frustration that came from not being able to use it on XP. I was greatly blessed when I found the program posted on the web, that allowed you to use QuickVerse
on XP. From my "God-Inspired" training, I realized that all the QuickVerse Bibles we had, could be integrated into the one program, that works on XP.

I realize that is not considered quite legal, the giving away of  software. I will say that it is being done with an older version of QuickVerse, not commonly sold, and we trade it among a few of us, in my church. (Actually 3.)

I am an educated man, but have learned not to show it a lot, as that sometimes offends people. The American South does have a lesser emphasis on such things than other places.

Anyway, having started yet another new job, as a finish, or trim carpenter, I am greatly tired. I live alone, and have a few friends. We can talk about that later, or not at all.

Back to the point. Came in and sat down at my computer, as is my custom, after coming in from work, to find your email. The Heavenly Father was trying to show me that the little web site,
made by me, through Him, was indeed reaching people. If a person in Australia was writing me, then anyone, any where in the world, might be see the web site.

You know, it strikes me that I should post this email on the web.  I will do so, and omit your email address. This was written personally to you, whom I do not know, yet tells more about me
than I thought to. Others might be interested. I find most people have similar problems. I have also found that whatever situation I am in, Jesus has a real, down-to-earth, solution for it. He mainly wants to show me that He loves me.

Let us close for now. My prayer for you, or whoever may be reading this, is that Jesus Richly Bless you, and reveal to you the LOVE He actually has for you. In Jesus Name, Amen.



Closing this page, for tonight.  Think I will post it as RobinsPage.  If anyone wishes to write, feel free to do so.  [email protected]    I live alone, and stay alone.  This computer and the web page are a lot of fun for me, and I would enjoy talking to you.

We might be able to help each other.  That is why this web site was created.