What is a Survival Primer

Main Entry: 1primer

Pronunciation: 'pri-m&r, chiefly British 'prI-m&r

Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English, from Medieval Latin primarium, from Late Latin, neuter of primarius primary

1 : a small book for teaching children to read

2 : a small introductory book on a subject

Merriam Webster defines a Primer, as in number 2 above, as a small introductory Book on a subject, and that is what this web site is supposed to be.

Throughout, I have tried to maintain the point of view of the novice, of the beginner, in matters considering survival. Most of us are not experts on survival, and very few have even considered the subject. Accordingly, that is who I am writing to. I am trying to give you a few, basic and important facts.

All captured web sites are taken from some where on the web, and are thought to be public domain. I have removed all tags that I did not want to advertise. If there is a source I want to advertise, I have done so on my own, no one has paid me to do so.

The intent is to give you information that can save your life.