Word late of the evening of Sunday, March 28, 2004. Almost March 29, 2004.

When it comes, it will come down fast and hard in this country.

Make your preparations sure, your allegiances strong.

Those not with God are against Him.

The idols of wood hay and stubble will fail.

Many things you now find precious will become worthless to you.

People have allegiance to God, and not the things of God.

People have tried to be part for God, part for Satan.

As things change in this country, people will have to choose.

Do not be afraid, if your heart is sure.

Where your heart is not sure, the judgement will show it.

Again, do not be afraid, but be quick to repent.

For I am a jealous God, who will have no others before Him.

Yet I am the God of Love, Joy, and Peace, and I desire to

give that to you.

That is why Jesus Came. And so comes the judgement.