Ka Bar Machete Cutlass.  

Bought one of these at a local flea market. About forty dollars if you work at finding it for that.  Lists for around sixty in most places.


Weight: 1.12 lbs.
Length:  Blade length 11", Overall length 16 1/2"
Grind: Hollow
Shape: Cutlass
Handle Material: Kraton G
Stamp: Taiwan
HRC: 52-54
Edge Angle: 20 Degrees
1085 Carbon
Country Mft'd: Made in Taiwan

I like the knife because it will work for people who might find the Kukris I like a little dangerous, or who might not want to go through the trouble of modifying them, as I do.  Sheath is excellent, and very adaptable.  No modifications were made to the product, as purchased. For an article about the usefulness of a knife shaped like this, look here.


Years ago I tried to make a modified short machete, and this one fits the design I was trying for.




The knife is good because it is small and versatile.  Worked with machetes since I was twelve, in the sixties, and have looked for an alternative in this country, since.  Noted, I found the Kukri knife on the web, and had already read about  a knife called a "Parang", from the SAS manual



A Kukri after my modifyications.







Some Sheath Detail Pictures Follow










Back of the sheath

You can see that the sheath will hang easily on the belt, and swing with you.  Very versatile.





Front of the sheath





From the bottom edge of the sheath










From the top edge of the sheath





Kukri Service and Ka Bar Machete Cutlass


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