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Kukri Patterns April 2005

Kukri Patterns With files on how you might make one,  April 2005.pdf

Knife-Making Page

It seems strange to start a knife making page, when I have never made a knife.  I did make a chisel, from cold-rolled steel, in school, by heating, hammering, and heat treating.   I lost it years later, on a construction site. 

On the other hand, the perspective of this web-site is intended to be towards the beginner, the novice.  It might be better to start this page as such, and it certainly fits my aim to create a Survival Primer, with the basic steps, for survival, for the novice.

ABOUT KNIFE MAKING:  I will give you a few hints, from my initial reading.  When a knife becomes non-attractive to a magnet, under heating, it has reached the proper temperature, for hardening.  After quenching in oil, the knife is then tempered, at about five-hundred degrees, to make it less brittle.  One man used a toaster-oven, outdoors, to heat to 400 degrees.  As a bench mark- paper burns at 451 degrees.  (Hence the title of the book Farenheit 451.  More about all this as time passes.    Paul

   First link on this page.  The Buck 650C   Knighthawk might very well be my favorite knife.  The PDF file (509k)  yields a life-sized image of the knife, at least on my printer.  Over-all length of the knife is eleven-and-one-quarter-inches.  I would make it full-tang, with the metal going entirely through the handle.


Mike's Web Page - Home Page   good site, and source of the following PDF file.  Not trying to steal from Mike, just give the info out.  Can't get the page to open, this night, but it may be only the internet over-loaded.      200k

   one page, 17k PDF file

    19 pages, 49k

   the two pages available of: 

"The Making of a Knife" 



    My Knife Page has a lot of pictures, that can be used as patterns. 

    There is a page about converting a Kukri Knife, by grinding the tip and handle. 

    Another page gives dimensioned drawings and a Kukri Pattern.


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