Journal - about the Kukri Service

Note: arrived just in time for my Birthday, on the 12th

God is good.

For 41.99 divided by 2 or $21 you get a better knife than a Ka Bar and it is much cheaper. Current price for a Ka Bar is about fifty dollars or at best , forty dollars.

You can cut , chop, butcher, and fight with the Kukri shown above.

Note on changes made:

I don’t mind the labor. The center raised portion is removed from the handle. The wide base, or pommel, is reduced in girth, particularly at the top. Voids in the handle, common for the way most Kukris are made, and coming from importation from a very humid climate, are easy to fill with the black epoxy I have.




I typically rough the blade, and use liquid Gun blue on it. Of particular interest is that the handle is adequate, and much more comfortable than any other Kukri handle I have seen. No real re-working beyond what is discussed above is needed. 


The center raised portion is removed from the handle.




Today, a Sunday, I found the color of the sheaths not to be “fast”. The black came off with water, (though not so easily as with the earlier non-color-fast-black-sheaths I bought.) Not all the color came off both of the “black sheaths,” of these two “service Kukris.” One of the black sheaths remained essentially black, after cleaning, while the other went to brown.

The first time with this problem was different. My first experience with the color coming off a sheath, I found I could simply wash the sheath off in the sink, and color would come completely off. Not so with these two.

These I had to soak to get clean. I soaked the two Kukri sheaths in a five-gallon bucket, in the front yard. I put water and a little dish detergent into the bucket. After a while soaking, the color only slightly came off. The water was only a little black.

I took a green cleaning cloth, of the rough, scuffing type, and removed the outer surface of the color. When doing this, the water got an “inky” black. A rinse in the sink, and a second soak and scrub, helped remove last remnants of color.

In a surprising development, the knives slide into the sheaths better after immersion in water. Apparently, the sheaths, made in a more humid climate, swelled back toward the original size. The frogs fit better, too, after soaking. Note that the handles off Kukris always need to have small voids and cracks filled, when they arrive. Again, this seems to come from the change between a humid environment, in which the Kukris were made, and the climate of this country.

The “frogs” are the devices, made of leather, that hold the sheath to the belt. These seem to have too large a swing, and I will probably use electrical tape to limit that, as I have before.





Further notes:


I wound up raising the Frogs, or the harness that hangs the Kukri on your belt.  It rode too high before that, and I wanted to make it more comfortable.  Raised it above the wooden rib, that keeps it from slipping, so I used some very small screws to keep it on the sheath.  As noted, the two little knives that came with it, I threw away.   The color of the sheaths was very nice, after removing the black.  The sheaths were treated with a layer of mink oil, and neutral shoe polish will be added later.


A note on the bluing:  I use liquid blue, which will come off, or most of it will.  Makes the blade non-shiny, and prepares it for storage.  Note again, liquid blue will wear off.


Pictures follow








Later changes


A good, usable, inexpensive Kukri for most people.


Convert a Kukri, from M40, a PDF file


Further Notes and discussion about the Kukri


Source site file for the Kukri from "By the Sword"   they do accept credit cards and checks.  Paul


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Continuing File


Adding a strap to hold the Kukri in the sheath.  A very good safety measure.  In my case, done with scraps and snaps from my leather working tool box.  Paul


Let me give you a little text to read, while looking at the pretty pictures. 


Take your current "hunting knife," or any knife you expect to use in the field, and try to do something simple, like cutting and limbing a walking stick.


Try taking the bark off of it.  When you do, you may see the advantage of having a knife like a Kukri.


It does all things better, and cheaper, than a typical fifty-dollar field knife.  Paul.



















































Later changes





2006, May ,.  Most recent modifications recommended Kukri.  Leather belt was used to modify the sheath.  "Frog", or device that holds the wooden sheath to the belt, is longer, wider, and has two straps.  Area just in front of the blade has been further shaped to remove the the notch (kaura).  Changed sheath to left side.




As I first began to work with the Kukri, I began to write about it.

Have written so much about the Kukri, and my opinions and favorites have changed so much, this "master" index is needed.  By no means complete, hope it

 leads to some clarity. 


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