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vNew Kukri that I recommend. 


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For an alternative, consider the Ka Bar Machete Cutlass  not quite a Kukri, but one many will like


Note that these recommendations are not advertisements. 

I get no money for them.


As time goes on I continually learn.  This is a file about a

vNew Kukri that I recommend. 


Note the changes made to the product.  Paul.

Open your browser to full screen, F11 .There a several pictures in this file.  On dialup, on busy days, please give them time to load.



This first Kukri, I like, and have purchased.  The quality of the steel is good, and I remake the leather "frog," as noted, below.  This page explains itself, and further down you will find other sources for such a knife. 


I brought some of the recommendations for particular Kukris listed, forward, to this page.   I would apply them generally,  to any kukri you may buy. 



Best recommendation.


"By the Sword" Kukri




Yesterday, March 2, 2005 mailed out order for two of these

#AH-3451 Khukri Service

Wooden grip, steel fittings, includes two small knives.

12" Blade, Overall 16" With scabbard

Price: $17.00 ( Now $18, in May 2006.)

                           [email protected]&17=$34.00

   Shipping (regular Ground) $7.99

                            Total = $41.99

Sent a personal check to


P.O. Box 07282

Ft. Myers, Florida 33919

Included phone and email address.

Should arrive in about six to eight weeks, or middle to end of April 2005.


(may change your choice)





By the Sword has several Kukris. - as above



2006 Additions.  People ask questions, so a couple of other sources are added.  Have not tried these, myself.  Paul.



Other recommendations


Source Site Recommended by recommended by M40


Second recommendation I have only read about.  This is also an "Indian" Kukri, complete with notch.


Collectable Bayonets

Archived copy linked here.  - Prices may change.



E)  Military 12 inch Khukuri. Has heavier blade, scabbard, and handle twice the size of "B" above.  A very hefty knife. BAY044 $14.95



To order from sarco visit

Archived copy of above page.


Printable order form at

Archived copy Sarco's Printable Order Form




Kukri Conversion.  Good pages.  Only thing, I don't like adding  pouches to such a knife sheath, as they may get too bulky.

1) "M 40" Web Link about converting a Kukri to a Field Knife

"Disk only"  link to  "M 40s"  article , above


2) Second "M 40" Web Link about converting a Kukri to a Field Knife

Disk only link to second article     Same as above article



Other sources section. - American Made


Some people may not like these knives. 


    Some for religious beliefs, ( I myself am a Christian.)  See: "Kukri Religiosity", and Kukris With Curses?




Kukri Machete from Smith & Wesson

archived copy of web site


Excellent alternate machete, not needing modification, and of good weight.




  You may want an "American-made"  Kukri.  Listed knives are just examples.  You will need to look around for the best price, or shipping arrangements.


    One American one  .  (Look around for best price.)




Web link


".............As unusual as the shape of the Kukri was its effectiveness.  From slicing melons, to cutting rope, to chopping tough roots, to prying up rocks, to chipping at rocks, this machete performed very well.  I used it for a full day doing “gardening” chores at my mom’s, cutting down a huge overgrown bush and cutting its thick roots out of the ground.  I cut rocks at first by accident, and then to see what would happen to the blade, on purpose.  Having passed this day of testing, I continued to use it whenever practical in a variety of chores.  ....."



Couple of sources for the Ka-Bar:     36 dollars


---------------     48 dollars


(I recommend  any  Ka-Bar knife that you may like.)


"...The Ka-Bar Kukri Machete is an ideal knife for the outdoorsman who cannot resist the call of the backcountry. This precision machete is well balanced, and with its 11 and 1/2 inch curved blade, cutting through thick brush, clearing a campsite, even chopping firewood will not be a problem. The blade is coated with a strong black epoxy, ensuring a fine, erosion-resistant edge...."


Ka-Bar Kukri pictures




Cold Steel Knives Kukri Machete

Cold Steel Knives Kukri Machete, PVC Handle

  Archived copy of their web site



  Bill H. from North Royalton, Ohio

" I purchased the Cold Steel Kukri Machete for an all around camping tool. I wanted a tool that would be a shovel for campfire and latrine pit digging and a light axe for chopping tinder for the fire. The Kukri does just that. I found the PVC handle comfortable when chopping and splitting tinder. The blade is hardened steel but soft enough not to shatter while chopping branches and light wood. The Kukri is an excellent survival tool while hiking in the wilderness. If I could take only one tool on the trail, the Kukri would be it. Because the Kukri is intimidating, I use it in the wilderness but prefer a hand axe and smaller knives in public camp grounds. "








 Archived copy of




Several Kukris Listed here:






Kukri Use And Combat _blocked .htm  only on some DVD versions. June 2006



Alternative as cited at top

Kukri, Service  and Ka Bar Machete Cutlass



Some related files - what gear?

2006 article: What I might take to the "field."

2004 article: What you "may need."

Kit article


Latest format changes

Master Kukri index. As I first began to work with the Kukri, I began to write about it.  Have written so much about the Kukri, and my opinions and favorites have changed so much, this "master" index is needed.
There is an audio file about this recommended Kukri Knife, under this link

Latest 2005 Update on modifying Kukri Handles


Pledge of Allegiance Prayer

Written and Prayed by Dwight Jester on Sunday, December 2, 2007.


Click on the MP3 file to hear Dwight and read the prayer.

Pledge of Allegiance Prayer_2_Dec2007_80kbps.mp3  2.58mb

I pledge allegiance to God as my Father. I pledge allegiance to Jesus as my Lord and Savior, and I pledge allegiance to the Holy Spirit as my guide, teacher, and counselor, to cause me to grow up into the true child, true servant, and true authority that Jesus created me to be, in heaven.

I ask Jesus to come into my human spirit, drive out and take the place of, the antichrist spirit that came into me at my birth. I choose to live in the presence and power of Jesus in my human spirit. I ask Jesus to drive out the anti-holy spirit that the antichrist spirit has placed in my imagination. I ask the Holy Spirit to come into my imagination and fill my imagination with the true images from the Kingdom of God.

I ask Jesus to drive out the familiar spirits that reside in my conscience, and I ask the Holy Spirit to come into my conscience and be my teacher, and my guide, and revealer of the true images of God, in my imagination. I ask Jesus to come into my memory and remove all my emotional reactions to the painful, hurtful, rejecting, unloving, and fearful images that have come to me from the time I was born until the present.

I ask the Holy Spirit to fill my memory with the true, loving, peaceful images that come from God, my Father. I ask Jesus to come into my mind and deliver my mind from all the thoughts that have come from the kingdom of Satan. I ask the Holy Spirit to fill my mind with the mind of Christ. I ask Jesus to deliver my will from all the decisions I have made that are in line with the thoughts and images from the Kingdom of Satan.

I ask the Holy Spirit to fill my will with the righteous decisions that come from the Kingdom of God, my Father. I ask Jesus to come into my emotions and deliver me from all the painful, hurtful, unkind, fearful, hateful, unforgiving, rejecting images, and images of suicide and death. I ask the Holy Spirit to fill my emotions with love, joy, peace, mercy, kindness, patience, gentleness, meekness, goodness, faith, righteousness and truth.

I ask Jesus to come into my personality and deliver me from the false child and all the hurt, pain, rejection, lack of love, deception, lies, fear, false pleasure, and the hopelessness that reside in the false child.

I ask the Holy Spirit to place the true child into my personality. The true child lives in the love, joy, peace, acceptance, hope, truth, and hopefulness of the Kingdom of God, my Father.

I ask Jesus to come into my personality and deliver me from the false servant spirit, and all the striving, doing, performing, trying, working, false activity, and false effort of the false servant.

I ask the Holy Spirit to place in me the true servant that only does what it sees the Heavenly Father doing. It works effectively, efficiently, and productively in everything that it does. I ask Jesus to come into my personality and deliver me from the false authority spirit that tries to dominate, manipulate, control, force, threaten, demand, cause to happen, motivate through fear, and tries to make everyone around them worship them as a god, master, and king.

I ask the Holy Spirit to place in my personality the true authority that comes from Jesus, and is the very nature of Jesus. I ask Jesus to come into my body and deliver me from all the sickness, disease, infirmity that comes from Satan and his kingdom. I ask the Holy Spirit to fill my body with the healing power of Jesus Christ my Lord and to set me free from all sickness, disease, and infirmity in my body. I receive the total healing in my spirit, soul, and body from the top of my head to my toes, I am made whole and well, in Jesus Christ. I pray all of this in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, amen, and amen.