File about the Kukri shown, created right after I bought them.



Saturday, February 26, 2005.

Epoxy coated, to a built up state, three kukris. The two officers kukris and the one smaller of the large-scale kukris was done.

Came by revelation. Need to see if they last, the handles, I mean. Paul.

The two-part black epoxy, referenced elsewhere, with pictures, is the same as used on the large 18-inch Kukris.

Probably need to work up a web page showing all this.

Note that the whole knife feels better with the larger handle, and that the whole handle, to include the first part of the blade, and the end of the handle, were covered. Makes a weather-tight seal.

Even though the handles don’t look as “cool” as they did, and appear rough, that tough , rough texture is very good and pleasant on the hand. The coating of epoxy, like that of the tables they use in labs, should shock-absorb. The original handles are UNDER the epoxy. If it should fail, they will still be there.














What I used to create the handles.

After initial coating, and shaping, more epoxy was added, as needed. Removal of excess was done by rasping and rough sanding. The super rough 36 grit paper they first use to sand natural wood floors was used. Texture is left rough.

Seems to get much harder with age. On first application, in the first hour or so, you can still work it, not unlike clay.





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