PDF file that prints out the pattern for the improved Kukri

Kukri-Remake,  June 2004  

--  The Projects Continue

The fellow from M40 has started a new Combat Kukri Project


Comment:  Looks good, but I have had wooden handles displaying this type of grain fail, and crack along the grain.

"Finish" of my Kukri-Parang conversion.  The handle is coated with a thicker layer of black epoxy, from Smooth-on.

Epoxy Adhesives from Smooth-On:








Picture of handle prior to putting the epoxy coating on:

The wood in the handle is tightly bonded between the metal.  The coating of epoxy is intentionally roughened, almost to a wood grain.

Closeup of handle.   Idea is to give some vibration dampening through the epoxy.  Second part of the idea is to give the blade some non-slip characteristics.


Obviously two different handles.  Handle at bottom is what the one at top looked like, prior to some sanding.  As stated, the roughness was somewhat left in.


Final, Final on the Kukri, with the Blade Cold- Blued  "finished"

   PDF file that prints out the pattern for the improved Kukri

THIS IS JUST THE WAY I HAVE DONE MINE.  No particular claims are made.  I picked up the Black Epoxy when it was abandoned on a construction site by a sub-contractor.  I do not know how much it cost.

Note that the epoxy may come off with time, but that does not bother me.  I can always work the handles down, or remove them completely as the M40 guy did in the first picture.

To attach two wooden handle parts, in the first picture, you will need some rivets.  I would use something like Oak or Ash for the handles.  Making a hole for a lanyard may look good, but I do not  want a swinging Kukri to remain with me should I loose control of it.  In such a case the formidable weapon that is a Kukri might dismember me.

As stated elsewhere, I bought three Kukris and are re-making all three.  The knife will wear down with time, in Survival use, and I may not be able to re-create them as well, in the field.



I like this knife.  Be sure to store extra metal files along with it.