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Dear Paul, a Christian and for the longest time I had wanted a kukri.  Everything about the knife appealed to me it had both form and function but then I ran into the false god aspect of it. The place it wanted to buy one from (Himalayan Imports) actually sacrifice an animal over each shipment! I cannot bring such dishonor to God by bringing false idols into my house (some people worship kukris) Can we really " remove all the crap " and just have a knife with no demons attached? If not I am going with a golok my far second choice in a knife! Thank you for your time. God bless you and your family. Ken (last name withheld.)

Ken is referring to this page-" Kukri Religiosity"  



To answer your question, I need a little discussion.

I will get to your question directly, further down.

Most people are not aware that many items can have demons in them, and yes,
some that may already be in Christian Homes.

What you do is ask Jesus to send His Angels to clean out your house and all of your possessions. Ask Him to wash your house with the Blood of the Lamb.

Ask Him if there are any cursed items in your house, that He would have you remove, in Jesus' Name.

The Kukri I recommend is listed here

(It seems to be a more basic model, and no one has told me that they have gone to the trouble to sacrifice an animal to it.)

I never look to buy from Himalayan Imports, myself. The site bothers me, and the prices are too high.

To answer your question, you can have a knife with no demons attached, if you ask Jesus to destroy any curses and covenants made over and through it, and ask Him to send His Angels to clean it.

(In my case, I also remove the physical aspect of the knife, just after the handle, at the base of the blade.  It seems to have an association with a false god.)

Moreover, again, you need to ask Jesus to clean your entire house. Sometimes, in
some places, some things will bother you. Maybe even things you own may bother you, especially if they are old, and maybe came from an ancestor.

What you are sensing is some attachment to the Kingdom of Satan upon the object, itself.

From personal experience I can say that my knives and possessions are cleaned,
both ways, in the physical and the spiritual and do not bother me. My  ancestors, at least some of them, were Native American. I know something of what I speak. Many of their items and practices had spiritual attachments  not "of the Lord." It may be because of that, or some other reason, I am  particularly sensitive to such matters.

To further answer your question, if they really bother you, then do not buy a Kukri, or at least one from India. 

One American one  .  (Look around for best price.)

Have not used a golok, so can not comment. Some pictures I see of them show
decorations of animal heads and such, on the fancy ones, so be careful.

As a side note, and not to scare you, there are some strange things you may see.
Sometimes objects can move suddenly, drop, or fall on somebody, as if by an "unseen hand." Watch for that. Good indication of demonic activity. While on the subject, what we universally attribute to Ghosts universally comes from demons. Having inhabited the body of the dead person, they often appear as them.

Hoping I have not lost you with this discussion, I will leave you with this.

Jesus is so much more powerful than any power of the occult that He can and will
protect you, if you ask Him to, and will let Him, in His Precious and Holy Name.

Will publish this on my site, without your name.



If they really bother you, then do not buy a Kukri, or at least one from India.  One American one  .  (Look around for best price.)

Web link     36 dollars    42 dollars     48 dollars




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" Kukri Religiosity"  my comments Ken is referring to.

What are you talking about removing?

Look at the area just in front of the handle.


Observe below how this has been removed.



Of a surety, these were two different Kukris, but the example is clearly visible.

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