In writing to Meg and Mike at SSRsi - the Survival & Self-Reliance Studies Institute (formerly Rocky Mountain Survival Group), I found I was sending them large-file links.  Many of these are too large for me to host.  The large movie files below I don't even feature on my DVD.  No Particular order to these.

About 3 plus megs .In Nuclear War Survival Skills, Cresson Kearny talks about making a home made Fallout meter. Document is on Oak Ridge site at

about ten megs. Emergency War Surgery Download  -Have chased this book around the internet. Best copy available is from the Government, and public domain.

complete copy of Nuclear War Survival Skills, large 40 megabyte file from  Oak Ridge  is a direct link to the over 40 megabyte copy of the book.

NATO HANDBOOK ON THE MEDICAL ASPECTS OF NBC DEFENSIVE OPERATIONS  about four megs.  hard to find  pdf copy.  NBC means WMD.


Really large file small-arms training movies.   Note the large size.  Do I need to say large, again? Naval Operational Medicine Institute Training Page  Site these are linked from


Files this large can take over ten hours to download, on dialup:

192 Megabytes M 9 Automatic Pistol Training

This one actually helped me the most. Am not that good with a pistol. Seeing made matters clearer than the manual. Listing favorite movies first.

192 Megabytes Basic Rifle Marksmanship M16A2

Good one. Had forgot some of the basics. Seems I forgot to rest on my bones, when holding a firing position.

178 Megabytes   Small Arms Training for Anti-Terrorism, Law Enforcement and Physical Security

Pretty good on the pistol and shotgun, on the range

178 Megabytes Weapons Handling M16A2 Rifle

More for the M16 and basic combat and jamming.