Miscellaneous Files Relating to Combat, especially Guerilla.  A couple of faith references relating to same.  I maintain that these files are here because of Patriotism.  Patriotism, the real kind, that kind that forged this country, under God. Paul                                                                                                     

Small Unit Operations- Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad, FM 7-8  DVD  only


Combat And Survival Selected Field Manuals-  full selections


  366k    - 12  pages about the US Army's, Long Range Surveillance Units, use of temporary Hide and Surveillance Sites

Surveillance Units'  Movement Techniques and Battle Drills  .pdf  236k  -   13 pages

  144k   -    11 pages

  186k   -   13 pages

  28k   -    5 pages


Combat  Patrol,  Counterguerilla  .pdf   416k  -  18 pages.  We may wind up as  Guerilla Forces fighting against foreigners in our own country, if the prophesies on this page are right. 


  138k  Good FM about How the Military might try to stop Guerilla Forces.  See the above passage.  15 pages



"Ordinance"  means mines, bombs, mortar shells, artillery shells, hand grenades, smoke grenades, etc.  These files have, by their nature, many pictures.

Placed Ordinance Identification, Six Pages,   .pdf    1,303k


Projected  Ordinance  Identification, 20 Pages  .pdf  3451k

Thrown  Ordinance  Identification,   5 pages  .pdf  1063k





George Washington had a vision of the United States' eventual winning of the Revolutionary war, of the Civil War to come, and a time in which many of the World's government's would be arrayed against her. 



It always seems to me that the woman in Revelation, who flees to a wilderness, will be fleeing to the wilderness that the United States will become, in the last days.



First Aid Pressure Points, first version  .pdf  47k    

                 First Aid Pressure Points, second version  .pdf  60k

Two pages from Military Field Manuals, giving a pictorial of where the important pressure points are on the human body.


Improvised Explosives for use in case of  Insurgency Against the United States.  

The material here is for resistance led by United States Troops, should the  United States

All of the stuff on this page can kill you, use at your own risk and only in dire need. 

Not my cup of tea, I only put it here for those who might want it.  Available on the web, but not easily


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