Upon the Death of My Mother.

Frances Phillips Memorial Page

My mother died on Monday, November 20th, 2006.

I have complete belief in life after death, personally, and sometimes wonder where it came from.  Maybe it came through my parents....

Mom in her article  ,  "People like Madeline Murray O'Hare say religion  is nonsense and this is all there is baby , so you'd better grab for everything while you're here. If this is so, man is no more than a beast who lives, reproduces and dies like all the others. We know this is not so. Our answer is in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In the resurrection is the promise of everlasting life to everyone who lives by faith, in the Son of God. It was God's answer to the age-old cry and what he has promised through Christ's resurrection he has the absolute power to perform. ..."


My father, Ivan Phillips, in a conversation after his heart-attack and stay in intensive care in the 1970's: "... the Chaplain came to see me in the hospital, and tried to talk to me about the fear of dieing.   I asked the Chaplain why anyone who believed in Jesus Christ should fear death?  When I went down to the front and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior at eleven years of age, I meant it.  You know, I think I shook the Chaplain up, because he did not have anything to minister."


My parents were not the kind to talk that much about what they believed, but it was truly there.  Paul Phillips. 

















   The day after Mom's last move the LORD gave me word, which I had not recalled till this morning.


Art will be added as I get it processed.  Paul


  found on a folding card done in 1984,  2.63m







Unfinished work















Emails and articles.




  Some thoughts on handling grief, and of my last conversation with my mother.













   What Mom has to say.  Written sixteen years before her death.









"I asked God to show me what Jesus looked like", she said simply,  "and this is what I drew:"





Original Memorial Page for Ivan James Phillips

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