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When I came to the LORD, in the late 1960's, I immediately had a vision of myself walking through a devastated United States. Note that back then, I had neither heard of anyone having a vision, or knew what one was. For me, it was just like being there, in that “hard future.”  You know, the one we are looking at, now.  Different times, and different seasons, since then, I have both trained, and made preparations. These are my thoughts, my leanings, and my training, over many years of this.  There are many instances in the Bible when people were forced to do battle. Even so, my weapons and knives are really those of a farmer. 

I am a conservative, peaceful man of 52.   [email protected]


Paul Phillips




I like and favor bolt action because one-hundred per cent of the power of the bullet goes down the barrel. None of the power goes to moving back a semi-automatic mechanism. As well, it is very difficult to jam a bolt action rifle.

Every time I have used a semi-auto rifle, I have found myself using just a lot of rounds up. If you are preparing for a time when it will be difficult, or impossible to get more ammo, you can see why that would be a problem.

As well, if we have to fight as guerillas, against invaders, as in   ,  then we would have to “hit and run,” not expend a lot of ammo.

I do have a semi-automatic pistol, discussed below.


My first purchase of a rifle for hunting was a Winchester 30.06. I had no idea how powerful it was. I sold it in later years, and replaced it. I still have a bolt action 30.06, from Winchester.

I highly recommend it, for large game. As far as possible military use, the round has been used for almost one-hundred years. The 06, pronounced “ought-six” is from its issue in 1906.

The round shoots straight and flat, and is entirely accurate. You will have to both train, and practice with it, for safety and effectiveness. The round is very powerful.

I always shoot with ear plugs, and back them up with the shooting “ear muffs,” at the range. As far as large bullets go, the thirty-caliber 30.06 “has it all over” any smaller round.


I have owned several pistols, and sold every one. Found them to be both large, and difficult to use. Wound up with a semi-auto-nine-millimeter, from Ruger. The gun is light, and effortless to carry around. The semi-auto feature gives rapid-back-up-fire to my other weapons.

I can empty a clip in a confined target area, quickly and accurately. I don’t expect to ever have to use the pistol much, but when I do, there will be no thought of conserving ammunition. It will be for emergency self-defense, when other options fail.

The thought is that the nine-millimeter can be worn when doing other work, in “end-times-community”, or time of trouble, without getting in the way. I once owned a .357 Magnum revolver with a six-inch-barrel, and it was like having a “tree-limb” attached to your leg.


I actually have a bolt-action and a semi-auto model. A lot of fun, they are really only good for practice. Anything small enough to hunt with them is also too small for eating. No value is had on larger game. The only real advantage is that there are a lot of 22's around, so you should be able to find ammo.


Now we come to a much over-looked round. Easy to shoot, the 22 Winchester Magnum Round, (22WMR), shoots straight and is twice as powerful as a regular 22. I am told more deer are taken with 22WMR then any other round, though not in North Carolina, where it is illegal.

I am also told that poachers, those that hunt out-of-season in North Carolina, widely favor the 22WMR, because it is both quiet and deadly. I once shot a squirrel in the head at forty yards, using a 22 Magnum.

The squirrel was no bigger than the blade at the end of my barrel, from my perspective, Surprisingly, when the bullet when through the squirrels head, it did not “tear up” much meat. Try that with a high powered rifle.


I do have a shotgun, but it is not set-up for hunting. It has a smooth-bore “slug-barrel” of just over legal length. It is pump action. The intent is to use it for self-defense.

Round favored is number-four-buck, or number-one buck. Again, it is for short-range self-defense. Rounds are good, and store a long time, but too big to carry in quantity.

Now, for experience hunters, the longer barrels, with extensive range of 12 gauge ammo, are the choice. I just never have been a hunter.


The whole purpose in writing a “Survival Primer” has been to tailor it for someone who has not done it. I have the perspective that most of us have, towards survival subjects.

I have done a lot of reading, and studying, and was both a Boy Scout and in the United States Army. I still do not think of myself as a Survivalist, and do not write that way.

What I have done, was ask the LORD what He was saying about what was going on, and how to prepare. As far as that goes, with the exception of one 22 Rifle, and my pistol, every time I suggested to the LORD that I buy a semi-automatic rifle, the answer came back to buy a bolt-action one.

You need to ask God, yourself, in Jesus Name, what to buy, and if.




Seems I have buying knives, all my life. For the most part, all you need is about a four-inch-knife-blade, fixed, for survival. I do have both smaller, and larger ones. As well, I favor the Kukri Knife, detailed elsewhere. It has the size and carry-ability of a machete, and much more striking power.

The Ka-Bar knife, of design duplicating the type issued in World War II, is probably the best larger-format knives. It was designed as a tool, and is a good one.

It takes an edge readily, and I am told it will dull readily, as well. You might want to buy a couple of them.

For sharpening, I find a file to give a quick-workable field edge, that leaves tiny “serrations.”

I do have other knives.


Winchester, Marlin, and Ruger for my weapons.

Ka-Bar, Buck, Schrade, Swiss-Army Victorinox, and the Kukris from India are the most common of my brands.


I write extensively, elsewhere about these things. This was an overview.


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