This is a page created to allow you to download your own copy of Nuclear War Survival Skills to your own computer.  Right click on the links below, and chose   Save Target As..   to download each chapter.  Only place I know you can do this on the web.  Paul.

Above is just a jpeg picture.  Now, right click on the files below, while in the blue print, and Save Target As.. to your hard drive.

NWSS 00  Contents.pdf   53 KB

NWSS 00  Introduction.pdf   327 KB

NWSS 01  Myths and Facts.pdf   622 KB

NWSS 02  Psychological Preparations.pdf   1.35 MB

NWSS 03  Warnings and Communications.pdf    486 KB

NWSS 04  Evacuation.pdf   1.40 MB

NWSS 04a  Radiation Risk Areas.pdf   1.31 MB

NWSS 05  Shelter, the Greatest Need.pdf   2.39 MB

NWSS 06  Ventilation and Cooling of Shelters.pdf   951 KB

NWSS 07  Fires and Carbon Monoxide.pdf   1.48 MB

NWSS 08  Water.pdf   1.39 MB

NWSS 09  Food.pdf   5.14 MB

NWSS 10  Fallout Meters.pdf   357 KB

NWSS 11  Light.pdf   635 KB

NWSS 12  Shelter Sanitation and Preventive Medicine.pdf   883 KB

NWSS 13  Survivng Without Doctors.pdf   713 KB

NWSS 14  Expedient Shelter Furnishings.pdf   1.68 MB

NWSS 15 Improvised Clothing and Protective Equipment.pdf   1.78 MB

NWSS 16 Minimum Pre-Crisis Preparations.pdf   114 KB

NWSS 17 Permanent Family Shelters Dual Use.pdf   998 KB

NWSS 18 Trans_Pacific Fallout.pdf   318 KB

NWSS App A Instructions for Six Expedient Fallout Shelters.pdf   369 KB

NWSS App A1 Door Covered Shelter.pdf   342 KB

NWSS App A2 Pole-Covered Trench Shelter.pdf   453 KB

NWSS App A3 Small-Pole Shelter.pdf   589 KB

NWSS App A4 Aboveground, Door-Covered Shelter.pdf   378 KB

NWSS App A5 Aboveground, Ridgepole Shelter.pdf   485 KB

NWSS App A6 Aboveground, Crib-Walled.pdf   408 KB

NWSS App B Shelter-Ventilating Pump.pdf   1.68 MB

NWSS App C Kearny Fallout Meter.pdf   3.06 MB

NWSS App D Expedient Blast Shelters.pdf   3.55 MB

NWSS App E Home Made Piston Pump.pdf   1.03 MB

NWSS App F Ventilation and Light.pdf   327 KB

NWSS Extra_Shelters, Selected Prints, Improved.pdf  10.60 MB

Above file contains blow-ups I created of the Shelter Prints

NWSS Selected References, Index.pdf   496 KB